According to the data from the Public Opinion Research Center TNS OBOP, on average, 14% of Poles reach for slimming aids.About 40% of them are satisfied with the results.However, let us remember that taking slimming supplements alone will not help, they should be combined with proper diet and physical activity. Slimming preparations are also divided and we should select them individually for the needs of our body.So today we invite you to read the entry, which will help you choose the right product better for our overweight problem. Such a good choice is the key to success in losing unnecessary kilograms.


Some, unfortunately, do not have time for regular exercise.Therefore, such people should use special products that contain ingredients that accelerate metabolism and increase the rate of fat burning, even with less physical activity. Thermogenics are terms that define the process and components of supplementation, which are responsible for the intensification of processes associated with the production of heat by the body or increased calorie burning. Thermogenic compounds selected from plant products have the strongest influence on this topic.They stimulate the metabolic activity of the body in a very short time.They stimulate the breakdown of adipose tissue.They increase the burning of its resources.As a result, the body temperature increases, and the metabolism is accelerated.



Women’s lives have such moments when they need to lose weight quickly;for example, it is a wedding party, prom.Every woman would then like to look almost perfect.There are products on the supplementation market that support people in such moments.They contain, among others, green tea.Also such agents have in their composition cayenne pepper, which contains capsaicin, supporting fat burning while accelerating the fight against cellulite.However, the nettle, which contains many such preparations, promotes the removal of water from the body along with unnecessary metabolic products.The same applies to green coffee and guarana contained in many supplements.


Water cellulite or excess water from the body is an important problem in the field of connection with slimming.Some people sometimes need additional support in the treatment of this phenomenon in the body’s tissues.Supplementation for women with this problem includes dandelion plants, chicory.Grape seed extract also helps remove cellulite and promotes slimming.Fucus improves intestinal function, contributes to the increase of satiety.Black pepper facilitates the absorption of nutrients helping to maintain the proper functioning of the digestive system, increases the effectiveness of herbs.

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