Often, slimming people reach for quick diets and therefore provide a smaller amount of nutrients that have a strong impact on immunity.What to eat while losing weight to lose weight without weakening immunity?

When the stage in life appears ,, Yes, I will lose weight – I want to change my life, most people reach for quick diets – so-calledmiracle diet.Unfortunately, these menus largely take into account the huge energy deficit, causing a rapid decline in body weight and, consequently, the yo-yo effect.The basis is low calorie food or belonging to one group of food products.When using this type of diet, we are exposed to the formation of vitamin deficiencies or shortages of micro- and macroelements in our body.

In order for the slimming process to proceed properly and without diminishing immunity, a balanced diet should be applied, tailored to each individual individually and based on the principles of rational nutrition.It is also worth to report to a specialist who will take into account, among others,adequate supply of minerals and vitamins that affect immunity.Nutrient deficiency may lead to the development of malnutrition, which results in a decrease in immunity.Therefore, an appropriate amount of nutrients, good quality food, will increase immunity and reduce the risk of disease.


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What to eat while losing weight to maintain the body’s immunity?

Especially in autumn and winter, when the number of diseases increases rapidly, we should especially ensure adequate supply of such vitamins as D3, C, A, B vitamins and mineral components Fe, Zn, Mg and omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitamin C increases the resistance of cells to infections of various bacterial, viral origin, is an antioxidant, interacts with vitamin E, and also facilitates the absorption of non-heme iron.A good source of vitamin C will be paprika, parsley, currants and green vegetables.Of the vitamins that strengthen the immune system, we can also distinguish vitamin A and vitamins from group B, which includethey are involved in the production of erythrocytes.We can provide Vitamin A with the consumption of yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables.The source of B vitamins will be products such as meat, milk, eggs, cereal products, as well as legume seeds.The body’s immunity will also be affected by the proper supply of individual minerals.Iron is a component of hemoglobin, prevents the formation of anemia, but also affects the structure of the body’s immunity.Rich in iron is liver, lean red meat, eggs, thick cereal.Zinc is also an important ingredient, its source in the daily diet are full grain products, but also sea fish and seafood.It is worth reaching for such products, because they are also a very good source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), which increase the multiplication of prostaglandins, stimulating our immune system to function.It is worth adding our diet to oils such as rapeseed, linseed and sesame.Healthy weight loss is not about the complete elimination of fat, but only on its reduction and the introduction of “healthy fats.Apart from oils, their source will also be nuts, which additionally bring a significant amount of selenium, especially Brazil nuts.Selenium increases the number of antibodies and also inhibits the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms, which affects the proper functioning of the immune system.

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The correct bacterial flora of the large intestine also influences the fight against diseases (it supports rapid reactions to inflammation), to strengthen it, you should consume products containing lactic acid bacteria, or dairy fermented products such as yogurt, kefir, curd.It is also worth enriching our menu with natural antibiotics, using garlic and onions for dishes.They are the source of allicin, which inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.To sum up, to properly lose weight and not affect our immunity, and even the autumn-winter period to strengthen it, you should consume the right amount of food from each group of food products.Try to make our menu very diverse, rich with vegetables and seasonal fruits.However, when we are unable to consume certain products, for example, for intolerance, remember about additional supplementation.Numerous scientific studies prove that appropriate physical activity will also have a positive effect on the immune system.A properly balanced diet combined with physical activity will allow us to properly, safely lose weight, and to properly function our immune system.


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