Sloe, or grater, is a shrub belonging to the plum species. This plant, popular both in Europe and the rest of the globe, is a very good product for making home medicines for various ailments. If you are interested in what situations slag helps you, check out the article below!

What is sloe?

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Blackthorn blackthorn is a species of shrub belonging to the family of rosaceae. Blackthorn is a very variable plant that freely crosses with other species of plum trees. Grater occurs mainly in the areas of northern Africa, western Asia and almost all of Europe. Its edible fruits are used in herbal medicine, and also belong to the group of melliferous plants. Sloe is a treasury of numerous health-promoting compounds that effectively help the human body to maintain good condition.

Sloe – properties

The previously discussed subject of pro-health properties of sloe is interesting because each part of this plant carries a completely different action for our health. Fruit graters have rake, which are substances that are very beneficial for the digestive system. By slowing bowel motion, strong antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory character can be used in the case of various ailments resulting from the pathology of the digestive system. What’s more, the safety of their use allows them to be used both in children and the elderly.

The use of blackthorn flowers turns out to be equally beneficial. Current in them flavonoid compounds are an effective element of fighting against harmful oxidants. Flavonoids significantly increase the work of total metabolism, which facilitates the detoxification and cleansing of the body (including, among others, urine and blood) from compounds referred to as secondary metabolites. It is also worth mentioning one particular type of flavonoid compounds. We are talking about anthocyanins that have an effective effect on the state of our cardiovascular system. They are responsible, among others, for lowering blood pressure and triglycerides, increasing the concentration of good cholesterol and sealing capillaries.

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Blackthorn bark can also be used as a means to improve our health. In addition to the already mentioned grabbers, it also has camphor oil, which is a very good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is often a part of improving preparations and maintaining good condition of oral hygiene. In the bark there are also compounds called tannins, which, as research shows, effectively prevent apoptotic processes and inhibit uncontrolled cell divisions. This means that the bark of the grater has an anti-cancer effect.

It is worth adding, however, that blackthorn seeds carry a high risk for our system. The seeds of this plant contain poisonous substances like cyanogenic glycosides. Biochemical transformations lead to the formation of such compounds as hydrogen cyanide (colloquially called Prussian acid) or benzaldehyde, which are lethal to our health.


Thanks to the presented health-promoting properties, blackthorn exhibits a very wide spectrum of applications in medicine. Blackthorn can therefore be used for such problems as

– diarrhea;

– gastroenteritis;

– food poisoning;

– kidney stones;

– inflammation within the urinary system (urethra, kidneys, bladder);

– oliguria;

– ischemic heart disease;

– atherosclerosis;

– stroke;

– inflammation in the mouth.


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Pro-health properties of sloes are most often used in home medicine in the form of tinctures. Below we present a recipe for its preparation


– 1 kg of blackthorn fruit;

– 0.5 liters of 96% spirit;

– 0.5 l of vodka;

– a glass of sugar.


1. Blackthorn fruit should be rinsed and then dried and transferred to previously boiled hot water jar.

2. Fill the fruit with alcohol and leave it for a month in a warm and dark place, occasionally shaking the jar (usually every 2 to 4 days).

3. Fill the alcohol after one month and let it cool down in the fridge.

4. Fill the whole fruit with sugar and leave it in a warm place until the ingredients form a syrup.

5. Combine syrup with alcohol and leave for a week.

6. After a week, filter the resulting liquor into bottles and let it stand for about three months.

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