We are more and more eager to reach for yoghurts and 0% cheese, low-sugar jams, sweetened beverages with aspartame, and even reduced-calorie sweets, believing that in this way we will improve our appearance and health. Meanwhile, this conviction is not necessarily right. Why? It consists of who are some important reasons, which we unfortunately usually do not realize.


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According to the law in force, light products should have a caloricity lower by at least 30% than its conventional counterpart. In practice, this can be achieved, for example, by lowering the fat content or replacing sugars with sweeteners. 

Unfortunately, it happens that the producer adds sugar to the product by lowering the amount of fat. The excess of sugars, as is known, promotes the creation of overweight and obesity and adversely affects health. I suggest to compare, for example, the nutritional value of skim yoghurt with a full-fat equivalent … 

The process of technological processing aimed at lowering its calorific value sometimes deprives a given product of many vitamins and minerals. For example, degraded dairy products are often deprived of vitamin D and A. 

Industrial trans fats are the worst kind of fat. Even small amounts of it can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurological disorders. It is worth taking a look at the label and check whether the product does not contain ingredients such as hardened / hydrogenated vegetable fats 


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