As you know, building a sports form should take place in the best conditions for the predisposition of each player and his mental health is as important as his physical condition, without a clean head, calm thoughts, no sadness or frustration, the results can be different, and sometimes even impossible to overcome.

As you know building a sports forms should take place in conditions best for the predisposition of each player, and his mental health is as important as physical fitness. Without properly clear head and calm mind,  or a feeling of frustration, the results may be different, and sometimes not to jump.


Texas researchers decided to investigate the level of sadness and frustration affecting athletic performance. The experiment was carried out on 135 students who were tasked with training for 12 weeks.Training was carried out twice a week on a significant load, large muscle groups were trained, and the exercises were multi-joint, basic, which usually are hosted in complex plans.

The researchers carried out a survey where they asked them if in the last three months lived life stress. Thanks to divide them into 2 groups. Group of low stress and a high-stress life.


In the group with low life stress, muscle strength in the extensions increased by 13%, while in the squat by 25%. The group with high life stress recorded much less progress.


If you have been subjected to high stress on a given day, it is better to stay at home that day or make an appointment with friends who will help you survive the hard times. Moreover, stress can affect not only results on an ad hoc basis, but also maintain its negative effects for longer.

The mechanism of the negative impact of stress is quite simple and mostly due to the action of cortisol, which as we know, is not conducive to the building of the sports form.

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