After winter, you feel tired, tired, you lack energy.A few centimeters arrived at the waist.Are you wondering if you should decide to cleanse your body?How to improve its metabolism?See ways for effective spring detox – diet and simple exercises.

Should each of us purify ourselves, decide on nutritional detox? If we do not have major health problems, our diet is varied, and regular bowel movements, there is no such need.The body has its own natural methods of purification, and if it functions properly, it means that there is no need to support it in the process of detoxification.What else, if we are constantly cold, we have joints, headache, we feel tired immediately after getting out of bed.In this case, it is worth thinking about the spring treatment.The task of any cleansing diet is to remove harmful substances from the body.The consequence of the detox is also the loss of kilos and the improvement of the appearance of the skin – disappear blemishes, imperfections, and dry and scaly skin becomes better moisturized and nourished.


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Cleans the body step by step

Cleansing the body should occur slowly.- If I had to choose a type of detox, I would choose a dozen or so days with an increased amount of fruit and vegetable juices and a normal, balanced diet – instead of a 2-3-day fasting based on water alone (or water with maple syrup and lemon).The lack of nutrients requires the body to start reserves, ie glycogen and fat.Unfortunately, by-products of the breakdown of these compounds can poison the body, causing headaches and liver – says dietitian.

We should not make the decision about purification alone, only after consulting a specialist (doctor or dietitian).The expert, by asking a few questions, is able to determine if the patient requires a thorough cleaning of the body.- To clean up, you have to know what. There are people poisoned with heavy metals, silted intestines as a result of low-fiber diet or acidified with sugar-rich food, in the intestines of which carbohydrate pathogens are found – he adds.Regardless of the type of problem we should always eliminate from the daily menu alcohol, coffee, tea, as well as fried and classically grilled products.


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How to conduct an effective detox?

The result of every body purification and diet aimed at improving metabolism depends on how often we eat.This is the most important element of healthy eating.Eating 4-5 meals a day at similar intervals is the best solution for the body.If we regularly supply him with energy, he uses it to ensure the proper functioning of all organs and systems.When we feed on an irregular basis, the body stores what it can, in the form of fat.The result of this diet are extra kilos.


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It will be useful to you

6 simple principles of purification

  1. Drink 1.5 liters of mineral water every day.
  2. Try to eat vegetables and fruits rich in fiber each day, which sucks in the intestines heavy metals, cholesterol, sugar, trans fatty acids.
  3. Reach for whole grains (wholemeal, dark rice, wholemeal pasta), because the insoluble dietary fiber contained in them cleans the intestines, expelling all undigested food residues from the body.
  4. Prepare yourself freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, because in this form they are more easily digestible, and at the same time provide fiber.
  5. Convince yourself with infusions of green tea, St. John’s wort, purge or chamomile.
  6. Eat a probiotic product once a day, eg kefir, yogurt, pickled cucumber, sauerkraut or drink half a glass of silage juice.


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