Many beginners have squats. here are some reasons why it is not worth doing 

– squats give the body a more hormonal response ie the most mass building potential – also in biceps, despite the fact that we do not use them in the squat 

– squats are the most accelerating metabolism exercise, so if you want to keep the fat under control – squeezing lying and the upper extract taken together does not do half of what you sit down 


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– I do not think that you will get your feet running and jumping. Yes, you will do it, but poorly. There was a period where I practiced the upper part of the body for a lot of running, I jumped, kicked, I was mouthed …. after half a year, a few kilograms of the upper body came in, meanwhile I scaled closer, and ran more slowly. By the way, the average fall height is the highest not in basketball players only in dwuboistow. Not only thanks to the cut and the throw, they perform rather light squats every day … maybe too much for the usual Jan Kowalski but without the base of strong legs, the dynamics and speed would be very limited. 

-has a little bit about the defects of posture many young adepts of strength sports have such an incredibly weakly sookrynowane movements when he comes to the usual crouch … with instead of sagging knees and hips bend the spine! Especially such people – who have tendencies to the cat’s back with daily activities of lifting anything from the ground – such people are sticking their heads in the back without learning squats. This is the simplest way to keep your back straight, in old age as he found … ba! what old age – people at the age of twenty-one often are already experiencing the effect of the habit of a bent bending down. Only the position of the weight best on the back alerts and learns the nervous system to a sufficient degree to coordinate the isometric tension of the rectifiers of the spine with work in the hip, knee and abdomen soak, the calf also extends in strength – and to the limit of the possibility 

Continuing the topic of back-leg coordination. in the Bodybuilding Arsenal, we train my mother 

– rheumatic rowing – they require just “squatting coordination for leg muscles and rectifiers – a person trained to do squats before learning to paddle with barbells does not have problems with making the right move because the body is stable and obedient will with minimal effort, we can concentrate on the work of the muscles of the upper back without the risk of loosening the rectifiers, without the risk of injury 

– Dead strings how many times do you translate to people with legs and not a hump? The problem is rather that before you learn a person poorly coordinated how to make a dead pull – FIRST TO BUILD a base … and this base are squats. I know people who do not perform MC – only squats and other cw on the leg talking about certain athletes and cyclists when I walked them performing MC for the first time or 5th invalid in life it looked 100% safe, maybe there was no finesse in this trilogy, but such finesse can be seen only a three-wheeler … 

Speaking of three troys – Dariusz Mirowski, who was the first Pole to surpass tone in a power troop – also as the first Pole PROBOWAL to hunt 400 kg from the bridge. Guess what was his way of getting lifted? He calls it “strings without strings – he just performs squats and a few auxiliary exercises for MC such as rowing,” goody etc. 

I do not know the secrets of his trainings but the main point of the MC’s improvement program are squats … Simple conclusion – if you have to choose MC or sit down, do sit down! coordination, muscles and strength related to the Dead Ciag will continue to use … you will learn good squats, the weight will be “right, at least 140% of the body – start training MC and the effects will be as if you have been training MC for a long time, but not there will be problems with slouching !!! 

– over the head, so many will ask now “what has a gingerbread to the windmill … and yet in the windmill, there was always a mill, flour was made in the flour and gingerbread is mostly flour! Just like squats, it forms the basis for the correct performance of rowing and deadlift in the long run – similarly it creates a base for all exercises performed in a stable position, in particular a squeeze over the head. 

The first thing about sticking the barbell with the one in the middle-narrow grips, prepares the barges to work in the full range of movement, giving them the right mobility, high-speed stretching. 


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The second thing is stabilization. Some sit-ups seem to be the exercise of the muscles of four-legged thighs. Others seem to be the practice of whole thighs. Still others see in them the work of the rectifiers of the ridge. But that’s not the end! If you do squats with a heavy weight without a belt, of course if you were once a strong “sit-in, after a break from exercise you should feel strong” sore. Do not be surprised if you feel these sores in your stomach muscles! Wearing a trainer belt deprives you of the development of muscles stabilizing the torso, which has been perfectly crafted on the stomach and inside! It is unjust to see that we do not want to grow these muscles so that the waist is narrow! in which case why are we doing crunches and skretoskłony? To use half an hour at the gym during which we could do some more solid exercise? Training belt? If you learn the technique without it, it will be only needed to break the records !! ONLY! 

If you learn to function only in the waist, without him you will be a little “cripple … and you will not be able to breathe in everyday. 

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