Running is an extremely popular discipline, though not entirely safe. 

Just recall that 

In 820 cases of sudden cardiac death 

Bodybuilding is closing the stakes. 

In a 1999 study by German scientists, 113 deaths 

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Acute injuries of the movement apparatus in runners occur at a different frequency (relative risk estimated from 19 to 79%). Most often they rely on muscle damage, dislocations (eg ankle joint) or skin changes (blisters and abrasions). Eighty percent are injuries resulting from overload. Running is one of those disciplines that contributes to the increase of problems related to the lower leg and legs. 

The dominant locus of injuries of the lower limbs in runners is the knee, for which the incidence of injuries ranged from 7.2% to 50.0%. 


Less common in runners are ankle injuries (from 3.9% to 16.6%), hip / pelvis / groin (3.3% to 11.5%) and lower back (from 5.3% to 19, 1%). 

How to avoid injury while running? Do not increase your running volume and pace at the same time. The researchers suggest that for health it is crucial to graduate the frequency of running training and the duration of the training unit. Get used to running body, do not run on hard ground, improve running technique to minimize shocks. Because of the cardiovascular risk, runners should regularly check the lipidogram, blood parameters (eg hematocrit, platelet count), inflammation (eg CRP) and cardiac function (eg exercise ECG, cardiac echo). 


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