Many people exercise, use different diets but there is always one problem – first we make reductions, we look great, the muscles are visible, the belly check looks great. However, together with a nice appearance come new problems – hunger, unfavorable hormonal conditions – the body begins to defend, increases the production of cortisol, catecholamines decreases testosterone, leptin. I’m not talking about people with 15% fat. There is no problem here. I’m talking about people who want to be really thin – less than 10-12% bodyfat. Okay, we are persistent, we will endure these unfavorable conditions to be slim. But why these reductions? After cholere, we tire so that after the season we will again return to old habits, old nutrition and re-infuse with fat, so that the whole process will be repeated the following year. 


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We look great for 2 months, then again be fat for 10 months. Our psyche suffers. This article is for people who do not let go of the diet. They always control what they eat, how much they eat, how greasy they are and are able to stick to their plans. This article is also not a miracle-diet plan but it will explain what we do wrong and how over a few years you can control certain people and optimize muscle gains while remaining lean. Art is not for people who are not systematic, disciplined, complain about their genetics and have a problem with descent to 10-12% bf. 

What’s the problem? 

The problem of the majority of amateur bodybuilders is the way they organize the whole year. Okay, we’re starting September. We eat with a lot of spicy, we load carbohydrates as much as possible, protein and a little fat. 

Muscle goes, strength also but our enemy appears – fat. It’s nice everything is ok, we’ll get through it … but with time this fat is getting so much that the reduction must start in February, to look like in June “normally. 

We have practically 6 months of mass, 4 months of reductions and 2 months of “sustaining. Through such stupid practices and “wasting time”, it turns out that after the sculpture we have slightly larger circuits than last year in holidays, and sometimes even the same or smaller! 

A vicious circle appears. Is there another way to change it? To go forward and look “normal”? Of course it is. The key is P-Ratio already discussed on. But remind you. P-ratio controls where calories go, whether in muscles or adipocytes. It is genetically determined, and we can influence it to a small extent with diet and training and attention – the level of fat in the body. Research has shown that the level of fat in the body determines very much what you will gain / lose when you are on the mass / reduction. And the level of fat also significantly changes the ratio of muscle / fat gain. So when you are slim – you will get more muscle while on weight but also lose it more while on reduction. Similarly, when you’re fat – you’ll get more fat than muscle – on the mass. You will lose more fat, less muscle – on reduction. And with these simple conditions you have to use and set the calories under the level of fat, so that individual relationships are in our favor. I’m not talking about people who have reached below 10% bf. In this case, most of the excess calories will go to fat and the end of the discussion. 

To show the scale of meaning 

During the mass, lean people will gain 60-70% of muscle with excess calories while fatter only 30-40%. I repeat, this does not apply to extremely slim people. In their case, unfavorable changes occur – released metabolism, reduced lipid utilization, reduced HSL activity and increased LPL, reduced thermogenesis, thyroid hormone levels, nervous system performance and many other problems. 

For example, a group of people from Minnesota was examined, which within 6 months reached 4-5% of the fat level. After this period, the supply of calories began to increase, with the hope that there would be a large muscle growth, low fat. Unfortunately, the effect was reversed. 

Of course, you can stock up on thyroid hormones, testosterone, some dopamine receptor agonist to simulate a high level of leptin and you can drive a clean mass with up to 4% bf. But whether it will be healthy is another matter. 


Cyclicity – here is the key, but not the cyclical nature of one big mass cycle and one big reduction cycle. 

If you have over 15% bf, get about 10-12% bf first. Remember to not go lower! 

After finishing your diet, depending on how low you went down, do 1-2ty of eating according to your needs. The fact that you will consume more calories than on the reduction, will improve the hormonal situation and set p-ratio in our favor. Remember to eat coals in this period over 100g, so that the thyroid hormone levels improve. After a two-week “reset, set the calories for mass training and use the cycle until you reach 15% fat, then lower the caloric threshold and again reduce to the right level. 

Alternating mass and reduction cycles. We are making progress in muscle mass when our fat level is optimal for muscle mass growth and we reduce fat when its level is so low that we look still slim but high enough that we can reduce without major muscle losses and we always come out in favor. 

Believe it or not, you certainly save some time and nerves going down from 12% to 8% before the season than from over 20% to 8%. And the progress in muscle mass will be better.

I will not mention the fact that you can use different combinations (interweaving days with low intake and high, charging above) using our p-ratio, insulin sensitivity and other benefits that we can evoke. 

It is important that everything logically coincides with each other. 

If you are a person with exceptional tendencies to fat. The carbon level, for example, is set to 150-200g on the weight. This is enough for strength training and organ function, and will avoid excessive greasing. 


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