You keep your diet from Monday to Friday. When the weekend comes, the stairs begin. Beer, pizza, ice cream – you do not live for a diet! – you’re trying to justify yourself. In fact, your strong will becomes weak … too weak to maintain your diet. In today’s article, you’ll find three tips to help you stop sabotaging your diet on weekends.

Sabotage weekend
The key to maintaining your diet and losing fat? Learn to eat so that you control your appetite, feel full, energized and do not rely on every weekend.

Some people, even when they feel the desire to break the diet do not do it, have a strong will. Most, however, have a strong will for time and finally cannot stand it. As a rule, it separates people who are making progress consistently and those who do not.

Weekends are usually the most difficult time. On weekdays we are busy working, we have a lot of duties and somehow keeping the diet is easier, but weekend often means going out with friends or spending time with family. So you become a victim of your own diet. You can not undo overeating on Saturday and Sunday by following the diet for the next five days. In the best case, you will stand still in this way.

See what to do to avoid sabotaging your diet during weekends.

1. Drink diet drinks

They’re good at controlling your appetite.

Yes, they are full of artificial additives and sweeteners, but they can be helpful on a diet. Instead of reaching for snacks or caloric drinks, drink a “zero” drink.

Are the sweeteners contained in beverages harmful to health? Yes, but only if we drink a lot too much, a lot … 3-4 servings drunk during the weekend, I will not be destructive to our health.

2. Eat vegetables

Vegetables on a reduction diet are an ideal solution. They have a large volume, fill the stomach, kill hunger and are healthy, full of vitamins, fiber and low in calories! In addition, you eat them much longer than chocolate, for example. Crunching 200 g of carrot will take a good 15 minutes and will provide about 50 kcal. At the same time, you could eat the entire chocolate bar, delivering 500-600 kcal.

Because of 200 g carrots or broccoli, you will not become obese or overweight! That’s for sure.

When leaving the house, take vegetables with you which you can crunch at any moment. If you go to the grill, come with your salad, always order a dish in the restaurant, where there are vegetables and always start a meal with vegetables. Only then eat meat/fish and other additives.

3. Drink protein before going out

Are you going to a party? Meeting with friends or family? Do you know that there will be plenty of tempting snacks? Eat a meal made of lean meat and vegetables before going out. Thanks to this you will not be hungry and there is less risk of eating too much.

You can also drink protein supplement with water. This treatment effectively reduces appetite! There is also scientific evidence that taking whey protein before a meal has a positive effect on glycemia.

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