Lifting? The weight of your own body? What technique? At the outset, there are a lot of questions related to this sport. In this article, I will try to lead you and I expect that it will facilitate your first steps.

  1. I’m going to the goal

Often, on the square or in the gym on crossfit cages you observe people who absolutely have no idea for themselves and training. Here he will do a push-up, he will pull himself up, then the phone will sit in his hand. Remember that in the very beginning you must precisely define your goal! Street Workout is a universal sport and you can increase muscle mass, strength, endurance or dynamics. All we have to do is determine what expectations we have and then approach the training and the plan.


  1. What can I do?

From what will be your beginnings, whether slightly uphill or hard climbing to the top, decides what you are currently doing and whether you have previously dealt with physical activity. In Street Workout, the training plan is the key!

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you should start with small steps, slowly implementing your workouts. It’s best to start with the easiest type of pump exercises, or push-ups on your knees, pull-ups with your feet on the floor, holding planes. All these exercises will strengthen the body, preparing them for more complex exercises, such as classic pull-ups and push-ups on handrails. You should remember to strengthen the abdomen and back.


  1. Base is the basis

After we strengthen our muscles using rubber for the pull-ups or doing push-ups on the platform, we can go on to more complicated exercises. It is very important not to overestimate your abilities, immediately taking on the figures. You should gradually approach this by creating a very good base base that will allow you to evolve. Make a series of push-ups, connect them in series with pull-ups, change the pulls on the pull-ups and add keeping the body isometry.


  1. Street Workout training

I do not conceal that after the first training you will have 2- or even 3-day DOMS (colloquially sour). The question about the intensity of training is very individual and depends to a large extent on your lifestyle, nutrition and probably one of the most important factors, namely the amount of time you spend on sleep and how hard you do.

Most likely, in the first week you will do 2 top 3 workouts, but then you can increase the frequency to 4 workouts. Personally, I train six times a week. If I do not go to the square, I will definitely make a pyramid in the podiatry + pumps in my arms.


  1. How to start?

From my own experience, I say – start with a warm-up. Every day I see a few people who do warm-up, and practically single people do it properly. Remember to focus on your shoulders, elbow joints, most of the exercises are done with the upper limbs, which is why they most often suffer. Also work on shoulder mobility.

After warming up, you can go to training. Personally, I prefer to do exercises, increasing each successive series by 1 repetition (pull-ups, force entry) or 2 repetitions (push-ups, push-ups on handrails) – i.e. pyramid (1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – … – 10 = 55 reps). If you have difficulty with such training, you can set a fixed number of repetitions, e.g. 10 and perform 5 series. If you do push-ups, lower the bar and muscles will be forced to do more.

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