Street Workout in Poland is growing incredibly fast. More and more young boys and girls join our ranks. Such people usually need help. Hardly anyone before starting the training gets to know the basic reading about Street Workout.


  1. Street Workout – popular with young people

There are a lot of related support materials in the network with the theme of Street Workout for beginners. But even such an extensive database, often not enough. It is difficult to start first trainings for beginners. The problem most often results from performance techniques and types of exercises. Maybe it is some kind of stereotype or habit that comes from the gym, that is, the division of exercises into strengthening individual parties.

After the park was set up for Street Workout in Krakow, a lot of new people started to come to trainings. It is important that they are young people. The average age is 14-18 years. I can see how hard it is for them to figure out the exercises,

We do not know if these exercises help us, what muscles we develop. I hope that this article will help you.


  1. Basics

Remember one most important thing – the basics are the most important! At the beginning, you can watch movies with people who inspire you, but in no case, do not try the complex exercises they do. There is a high probability that you will get injured. Street Workout is a general development sport. Of course, you can share exercises for individual parties, but only after some time, when you strengthen the body with basic exercises

In this way you will have control over what you are doing – build a good foundation, and you will notice faster progress.


  1. Exercise technique

In that case, what is the best way to start a person who is just starting his adventure with this sport? I suggest to you on your first training to focus on the individual basic pump exercises, push-ups on the handrails, pull-ups. In this way you will check at what level you are and where to start. The order of the exercises can be as I have suggested above. If you have not been very active before, they can get you strong DOMS, that is, colloquially.

Sours are sometimes so strong that rest can take 3 days.

And back to the technique, remember that this is the basis for safe training, as well as a good warm-up. When doing pushups, remember about the fact that the movement should be made at medium pace, going low and in the upper position, tighten the chest muscles and stop the figure. Under no circumstances returning to the starting position, do not pull / throw elbows.

Often, beginners move very rapidly, uncontrollably, making unfavorable hyperextensions in the elbows. If you lack the strength to do classic push-ups, you can do it kneeling on your knees. Remember that the same rule works in this position – a simple back without a banana in the lumbar region, slightly rounded shoulders. I remember my beginnings. I could not make one pull up on the rod, but the push-ups on the handrails were 2-3 repetitions. That’s why I was just doing them in large quantities.

When I had more strength, I could do more series. Some people do that for a while they go to this exercise, which is better for them to develop strength for one pull. With pumps on the handrail, beginners usually go down to the angle of 90 degrees in the elbows, the movement is trying to move down without stronger tilting forward or backward. Remember that when you return to the starting position, try not to make hypopsis, keep your muscles tense.

You can only perform negatives, if it’s difficult for you to make a full move. Jump out from the jump or stand to the support, then go down as slowly as possible. Pulling is best done with a classic handle on the shoulder width. Remember that in the bottom position, do not loosen your shoulders, your mother’s arms should be straightened, but without hypoplasia. We move upwards by pulling the bar with both hands.

In no case do we perform convulsive one-hand movements. With such a move, usually one shoulder goes ahead – in this way, we risk being injured. Pulling up is done until the beard does not cross the bar line. If it is difficult for you to make a classic pull, then you can use gums, which rules of use I described in this article https // / advice-trainers / exercises-of-gum, to read which I strongly encourage.

Also a friend can help you with the exercise, belaying for your feet. Consider another way, give a stick to the stand from which you will be slightly out, and then make a negative move down, as slowly as possible.


  1. A universal system

For everyone, especially for beginners, I recommend doing isometry. Isometry is one of the most effective ways to increase strength, endurance and tendon reinforcement. Practice it in different holds. The first position will be stopping on the stick with a beard above the tube. The second – in the middle, the angle in the elbows 90 degrees. Third, you can go down, hang, and then do the pull again. Or without going down, only from the second position we go back to the first one.

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