Strength training is the main stimulus for muscle growth. The effective training includes many components, such as the number of exercises, series, repetitions, intervals between sets and the number of trainings during the week. So how do you connect it properly?

If you are looking for “the best workout for muscle mass” then know that it does not exist. Any strength training can be good if adequate intensity and training volume is maintained. So if you are looking for advice on how to arrange a workout for yourself – check what it should consist of and in what intervals it should be included.

What is the optimal number of repetitions?

If the main assumption is to build muscle mass – the best range is from 6 to about 15 repetitions. There are many scientific researches on the web that confirm this method (this is described as the Bodybuilding System). A large discrepancy, however, should be remembered that the muscles consist of red fibers and white fibers. The fibers differ from each other, some need more repetitions (endurance fibers), while others need a smaller number of repetitions (strength fibers).

For muscle hypertrophy to be at the highest level, it is best to keep different ranges of repetitions. During training of one muscle lot, do strictly strength exercises in the range of 6 – 8 repetitions, to make the white fibers and exercises containing a greater number of repetitions to a greater extent – up to 15 in a series. Thanks to this, you develop all muscle fibers, which will result in the fastest increases in muscle mass.


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Does this mean that training performed with a different number of repetitions will not bring results?

Each number of repetitions will contribute to the increase in muscle mass assuming that you are on a positive caloric balance. However, the rate of muscle growth will not be the same in every case.

Performing less than 6 repetitions in one series is not the best idea if your main goal is to increase muscle mass. In this case, the stimulus is too small to cause rapid muscle gains. You can count on increased strength, because there is not such a large muscle pump, which is very helpful while building muscle mass. The muscle pump causes a faster flow of blood, and thanks to this, bad substances formed during training are removed more quickly, and the faster ones get to the muscles.

However, by doing more than 20 repetitions, you do not use the strength to the extent that muscle hypertrophy is at a high level. More repetitions are associated with smaller weights. In this way, you do not stimulate the right hormones, that is, the muscles do not get the impulse to develop.

Slightly omitting the topic – what number of repetitions will be best for reducing body fat?

Many theories that have been practiced and disseminated for many years say that the best solution in the reduction period will be a much larger number of repetitions. This range should be within 15 to even 20 repetitions. Theoretically, a larger number of repetitions is associated with greater energy combustion. Practically, however (as has been proven in many studies) fat reduction plays a major role in the amount of calories consumed – the diet. So what will be the best solution? Personally, I recommend staying with standard strength training, but including additional methods such as super – series, giant – series etc., which will increase the intensity of training.

The optimal number of series and exercises.

If you want your workout to be done professionally, you have to divide muscle parts because of their size. The larger the party – the more exercises. The number of series should be from 3 to 4 depending on the exercise being performed.

Large muscle parts – back, legs – about 5 exercises

Medium muscle parts – cage, shoulders – about 4 exercises

Small muscle parts – biceps, triceps, stomach – about 3 exercises

Other – shrugs (hoods), forearms, calves – from 1 – 2 exercises

What kind of breaks between series?

It all depends on the muscle party and on the type of exercise you intend to do. It is obvious that training using multi-joint exercises will involve longer breaks, while training a small muscle group, and in addition, doing an isolated exercise will require much shorter breaks. The breaks should be in the range of 50 seconds to 120 seconds. In order to learn more about the breaks, I recommend reading the topic A very important part of the training – breaks between series.

Number of trainings during the week.

The optimal number of trainings during the week is a very individual matter. Much depends on regeneration, which is an essential factor to carry out a fully effective training. The regeneration process is associated with many factors, and the main ones are rest, nutrition, proper training and adequate supplementation. It is assumed that the optimal number of trainings during the week is from 3 to 5. A smaller amount will not bring quick results, while a larger number of them is not a reasonable and, above all, healthy solution, due to lack of time for regeneration. Personally, I recommend training 4x a week.

Improvement of one of the muscle parts.

If one of your muscle groups is out of the way, you should pay special attention to it. The best solution would be to train her twice a week. However, such training should not be carried out indefinitely. It should last a maximum of 6 – 8 weeks. Longer treatment of one of the parties as a priority is not an appropriate solution. Such training would be best spread over 2 types – the first more strength (6 – 10 reps), the second more endurance (10 – 15 reps). Strong strength training of one muscle party performed twice a week could be associated with too short a period of muscle recovery (it would bring less benefits than a standard 1x training / week).

Do not forget about the most important!

Everything described above will go to nothing if you do not maintain a proper diet. The main assumption when building muscle mass, next to the training is a positive caloric balance and providing the body with the right proportions of macronutrients. Even an ideally arranged workout will not help your musculature to improve if your muscles do not get the right fuel, remember that!


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