Fat burning is associated with daily workouts in the gym with the use of small weights and a large number of repetitions. Among the gym goers there is also the claim that aerobic training is necessary to effectively get rid of body fat. Is this the only way to achieve the silhouette of your dreams? What about strength training during the reduction period – is it reasonable to do it? The answer is very simple if you know the basics of bodybuilding.

Training for mass, training for sculpture, training for strength – what exactly do these trainings differ from each other? Is it possible to train with strength and at the same time burn body fat? Analogously – is it possible to burn body fat and build muscle and increase strength?

The obvious fact is that it is not possible to naturally burn body fat while building muscle mass. The exception are people who start their adventure with strength training – in this case, it is possible to increase muscle while shedding unnecessary fat.

So what is the matter of strength training during the reduction period? Fat reduction is associated with a negative caloric balance, and thus – it is not possible to increase musculature. In addition, being on the reduction your body has caloric deficits, so increasing the strength in this case is virtually impossible. Of course, there are cases of people who, being on a negative calorific balance in the initial period of reduction, are able to increase their strength. Is there any sense in doing weight training during the reduction? Of course, yes, and in this article I will present all the advantages of such a training.

Which workout is best for fat loss?

There is no best workout to burn body fat. For dropping the kilograms, the negative caloric balance corresponds to that which should be obtained by means of an appropriate diet. Of course, training has a very important meaning – the heavier and more intense – the more calories you burn during exercise. However, even a very intense, several-hour workout will be wasted if you consume much more calories than your body needs.

So what about the typical “training for sculpture”? In most cases, such trainings are arranged for people who have no general knowledge about proper training and proper nutrition. Such trainings contain at least a dozen repetitions for a given series of exercises and additionally aerobic training – practically every day! In this way, you burn a much higher amount of calories, which can help during fat loss without proper knowledge about nutrition.

However, if you know how to count calories and know how much your body needs – strength training while burning body fat will be the best solution. This type of training causes the release of more hormones, such as testosterone or growth hormone, which support the burning of body fat. In addition, by doing such a workout – you will keep more muscularity developed during the period of building muscle mass.

Aerobic exercise – necessary?

The more aerobes, the more calories you burn. This is 100% true, but if you want to keep your muscles as big as possible – you have to be careful not to overdo it. Strength training – aerobic training up to 45 minutes a day is enough. A better solution is to properly maneuver the amount of calories, than spend whole days on the treadmill. Is it necessary? It is not necessary – it is only an allowance that will help you lose unnecessary kilograms. Is it recommended? During reduction – as much as possible, while building muscle mass – only as much as the daily caloric balance allows. Such amount will ensure you maintain full physical fitness.

Aerobics – the best solution?

Let’s not lie to ourselves, but aerobic training is not too interesting (especially for us – bodybuilders). A much better solution is interval training. Aerobic training increases the amount of cortisol (inflammation in the muscles), which is unfavorable. Interval training also contributes to the release of cortisol. However, during interval training (as in the case of strength training), the body releases more hormones, ie testosterone and growth hormone, which reduce the negative effects of cortisol on our body. In addition, by doing interval training you will save half the time and you will burn a similar amount of calories as in the case of standard aerobic training.

The combination of strength training, aerobic and interval training will bring the best results when burning body fat. There are many reasons why interval training is more beneficial than aerobic training, which does not mean that you should not perform standard aerobics. In order to effectively build the silhouette of dreams, one should choose the right form of activity for one’s own body.

The more reps, the better the fat burning – the truth or the myth?

Of course, MIT. Claiming that during “making a sculpture” a minimum of 20 repetitions is to be sucked out of the finger. Many amateurs still claim that it is the only effective form of training for fat burning. Of course, the loss of body fat during such training (if it is intense and appropriate volume) will be obvious, but it will also be accompanied by loss of muscle tissue. If during the period of building muscle mass you performed the number of repetitions in the range of 4-12, and suddenly start training with a minimum of 20 repetitions, you will be operating much smaller weights. The result will be a drastic drop in strength, and thus – muscles can reduce their volume.

Using heavier loads means producing more lactic acid, and thus more growth hormone. In addition, an increased level of testosterone during reduction promotes the maintenance of muscle mass at a relatively high level.
Strength training during reduction is especially important if you want to maintain the strength developed during the period of building muscle mass. It is not possible for the strength records you have achieved during the mass building period to last until the end of body fat reduction. The harder the training during the reduction, the more power you keep.

Strength training during reduction is the most appropriate, both beginners and advanced. However, if the training is not accompanied by a proper diet – all effort can be wasted.

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