Stress and rush and the crowds of duties are more disturbing to Poles in the interests of a slim figure at work than the inability to eat a healthy meal. Lighter at work *.Over 20% of respondents believe that stress (20.8%) and haste and a busy work schedule (19.5%) make it difficult to care for a slim figure.In addition, the respondents indicate a sedentary mode of work and no movement (21.3%) as a factor negatively affecting the care of the slim figure.


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Stress, constant rush and lack of movement, as the most disturbing factors in caring for a slim figure, are mentioned not only by working people, but also by doctors and dieticians.Employees because of the stress and willingness to meet the employer’s requirements, give up on a meal break, and after returning home, try to make up for the energy shortage by eating high-calorie meals.Unfortunately, this type of situation negatively affects our figure and health

Factors related to nutrition, such as buying or ordering ready-made meals (7%) or the lack of the possibility of organizing healthy meals in the workplace (10.2%) were much less frequently mentioned as interfering with caring for a slim figure at work.

Many companies try to provide a healthy menu in canteens in the workplace.It can be concluded that employees who are under stress and a multitude of duties, do not have the time and willingness to use such facilities, so they either completely give up meals or eat caloric snacks in front of the computer


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