In the past year, the miracle diet of doctor Pierre Dukan spread throughout the country. A French dietitian came up with a brilliant idea. Rejecting all scruples, he created a debilitating diet that allows you to quickly get rid of excess weight. The diet that Dukan has proposed is the strictest and most dangerous form of diet low carb. 

Is it worth it? This diet breaks all the rules of healthy eating, it is devastating for the body. 


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Let’s move to the specifics. 

Dukan proposes a high supply of protein. This is a very clever procedure. Protein significantly accelerates metabolism. The diet of an ordinary person who does not exercise, does not need to rebuild muscles, after strength training, contains about 60-80g of protein a day. 

“The originator recommends increasing this value considerably, basing the diet solely on the protein, eliminating fats, high and low IG carbohydrates. The worst thing is the diet phase, in which even green vegetables are forbidden! 

I do not know where Mr. Dukan finished school and in what year, but the attempt to completely eliminate green vegetables with such a high amount of meat is like a bungee jump without bungee. 

To maintain the proper course of life processes in the human body, it is necessary to maintain a proper acid-base balance in the body (the slightly alkaline environment is optimal). This is related to the activity of enzymes that catalyze the course of almost all chemical reactions at the cellular level. Each, even a slight deviation from the norm, impairs their operation and many reactions occur incorrectly. It just happened that the ingredients contained in the food and released in the process of digestion affect the level of the body’s pH, showing potential or alkaloid or acidifying. 

Dukan’s diet recommendations lead to a terrible acidification of the body. All kinds of meat are products introducing the acidic state in our body. The ph balance of the body can be achieved thanks to green vegetables, but if they are not recommended in the diet, it can be difficult to provide them. 

I did not convince you? Perhaps you will be convinced by scientists who exchange a number of diseases caused by the acidic pH in our body. 

These are only a few of them, acute inflammation of the gastric mucosa, intestinal mycosis, constipation, muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism, hair loss, brittle nails, fungal infections, acne, skin problems, cellulite, kidney stones, diabetes, improper circulation of the hands and legs, dizziness, heart attack, depression, reduced body efficiency. 

So what? You have to make your aide’s name day to “stick to your favorite dress. 

Lack of fat in the diet is another mistake that even a beginner body sports figure will point out. How important for our body is the intake of unsaturated fats omega-3 and omega-6 (regulate the fat metabolism in the body, have a positive impact on the body’s resistance, the quality of the skin and nails, affect even our mood). 

Also, small amounts of saturated fats are necessary for our body (protection of joints, transport of some vitamins). The fat is too caloric, with 1g providing 9kcal, which is why Dukan decided to eliminate it completely, just so as not to exceed the given calorific boundary. Once again, over Dukan’s health, he lost weight. 

This diet is based on a large amount of lean meat, mainly poultry meat, which, incidentally, is of poor quality nowadays, but this is a topic for a separate article. 

Apart from the fact of the acid-base balance, scientists have proven that lean meat has a bad effect on the functioning of the human body. Based on research conducted on hunter-gatherers’ societies, scientists have come to conclusions that categorically refer to the consumption of lean meat. 

In hunter-gatherers’ communities, ailments such as weakness, nausea, diarrhea and even death were associated with high consumption of lean meat with limited access to other food sources. The problem always appeared in early spring, when the fat content in the game’s bodies was low and at the same time the availability of plant food was limited. It was even believed that with a high consumption of lean meat, death would be faster than at a fasting. Innuici would not base their diet mainly on the lean meat protein, they often gave it to their dogs. 

In the 21st century, large quantities of lean meat in the diet are recommended to overweight women. Evolution is evolving to the development 

Dukan’s diet in several sentences, it can be clearly stated that it is a commercial product, bearing the faces of several stars who lost a few kilograms while leaving the body in the havoc, which has already been forgotten. 

Being on Dukan’s diet has become fashionable, employees of large corporations have been able to create support groups and exchange recipes for making chicken breasts, often just to proudly shout, I AM ON THE DIET! I regret to say that having a diet has become a determinant of being trendy. 

It does not change the fact that 80-90% of people who throughout the day strictly adhered to the dubious recommendations of Mr. Dukan in the evening went for a beer with friends and probably did not end with one. The beer is high in calories and contains a lot of carbohydrates (maltose), the desired lack of carbohydrates throughout the day, which our “little kids” fought for after a few beers went into oblivion. 

What’s worse, alcohol causes even more acidification of the body than lean meat. 

Ordinary people who have not taken the habits of healthy and rational nutrition, after finishing this diet and returning to the old way of life can expect a powerful yo-yo effect. 

The phase proposed by Pierre Dukan, which supposedly eliminates the yo-yo effect, does not get a chance in practice. The addition of several dozen grams of carbohydrates deposited by the duration of the phase will not protect the body from the yo-yo effect when you sit back to the pork chops with potatoes, precede the tomato soup. 

Summarizing. Dukan’s diet is a devastating organism and an unhealthy proposition for people who want to lose weight at all costs and have no idea about the basics of healthy eating. It is surprising that in the media no one has ever taken up this topic and analyzed this diet. The language used to write the book “I can not lose weight for a layman can turn out to be a scientific position, with which arguments are hard to fight. I hope this article come a little brightening your minds. 

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