Chest and back are antagonistic muscles that can be combined in one workout. The plan below should not be performed for several weeks, but rather as a transition between two plans. Meet strong back and chest training.

Back and cage training – introduction

What does “good training” mean? Something different for everyone. For some, it will be efficiency. You want to go to the gym, do a good workout in 30-45 minutes and come back home. Secondly, the training should be adaptable for a specific person. You train to become more efficient and better in every area of life. To achieve this, back muscle training and chest training should always be the main elements of your plan.


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Chest and back training

The following plan focuses on muscle endurance and therefore assumes work for muscle fall. It is based on four main assumptions

– flexibility – you should learn new exercises and ways to stretch and open up to new opportunities

– technique – the correct technique is the condition for any effective training, it depends on how much you pull out of each series and the repetition.

– focusing – the correct technique will be impossible to achieve without proper focus, you have to learn to use the brain-muscle connection in the right way

– work to muscle fall – work to muscle fall will maximize your physical potential and make you stronger

The range of repetitions is designed to develop muscular endurance. By maintaining a high repetition rate and rest periods of up to 90 seconds, you can start with heavy weights and perform 20 repetitions. If you do not make a given number of repetitions – reduce the load in the next series. Do not worry about the weight, pay attention to the range of movement and technique.

Back and chest training

  1. Barbell rowing – 3 sets x 15-20 repetitions
  2. Single-barbell rowing on the Smith machine – 1 series x 15-20 repetitions
  3. Pulling the V-holder to the chest – 3 sets x 15-20 repetitions
  4. Pulling on the stick with the use of the V – 1 handle for muscle fall
  5. Pressing the dumbbell on the positive bench – 3 sets x 15-20 repetitions
  6. Bending of the forearms with supination of the wrist on the positive bench – 1 x series 15-20 repetitions
  7. Squeezing the bar on a negative bench – 2 sets x 15-20 repetitions
  8. Span on the negative bench – 2 sets x 8-12 repetitions
  9. Super-series

– Pumps with a load – 2 series x 8-12 repetitions

– Pulling on the bar with a wide grip – 2 sets x 8-12 repetitions

  1. Pumps with raised legs – 1 series for muscle fall


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