The faster pace of life and the lack of time at meal force us to use fast-food bars, fast-food type, confectionery (very calorific due to high fat and sugar content), crisps, carbonated drinks, etc. Number of Poles living outside the home .They are mostly young people, students, residents of large cities who live in a constant hurry.

Below I present a text that suggests exchanging some highly processed products for a healthier, less processed one, paying special attention to people who care for a slim figure and who are going to reduce and people during fat loss / body weight.


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Number 1 Chips – Large content of saturated fatty acids does not provide anything valuable to our body, empty calories, sometimes you can find preservatives and flavor enhancers.Dietary versions contain a much smaller amount of saturated fatty acids, but you must not forget that it is a product prepared in deep fat. The more expensive replacement for crisps may be popcorn, preferably poorly or not salted at all.

Number 2 Donuts, buns and other confectionery – Probably like chips, donuts are prepared in deep fat.Donut is a sticky mass of dough combined with a lot of sugar and trans fat.It contributes to an increase in the level of bad cholesterol or clogging of the arteries.For example, buns are good when we can not eat a decent dinner, however, they should be avoided due to the very large amounts of saturated fatty acids and sugar, for example, the bun can contain up to 400 kcal.Such sweet snacks as confectionery, including bars should be avoided. The instances of these products can be ripe sweet bananas, are much healthier than sweets, remember that this may be our next fruit in the daily diet, another substitute may be lean meat in slices, e.g. turkey in a wholemeal bread roll.

Number 3 White bread – In the process of preparing white flour is precipitated a large amount of nutrients for us.White bread is placed on the upper shelf of products with a high glycemic index, which means that consuming them in larger quantities may contribute to fat storage / obesity. As a substitute, I suggest whole wheat bread with a lower glycemic index, often with grains, which have a pro-health effect. for our body.

Number 4 Coffee and tea – Most of Poles probably can not imagine a day without a few cups of coffee or tea.Often, these beverages are additionally sweetened by us.Coffee and tea drunk in the right amounts act nicely stimulating, help relax and help to maintain a slim figure (green, black tea). As a substitute, I suggest water, fruit juice 100% (without additional sugar) or coffee beans.


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Number 5 Carbonated Drinks – You are attached to your teeth.It is not without reason that dentists and dentists warn against carbonated, sweetened drinks.The combination of acids with a huge amount of sugar contained in carbonated drinks weakens our teeth very much.In addition, 150 kcal in a glass is not very beneficial for a slim figure. NReady replacement may be even water with a slice or juice of freshly squeezed lemon.

Number 6 Refreshing cereal – Many of us eats a bowl of cereal every morning, but only a few wonder what sweetened cereals are.They contain a large amount of carbohydrates due to the fact that they are additionally sweetened (about 55g of carbohydrates per 100g of product).Sweetened flakes have a high glycemic index, which makes us feel a temporary boost of energy, but it’s a mistake, because after some time we will be tired and it will be difficult to resist the temptation to snacking. N Frames of breakfast cereals are oatmeal (if we want to gain weight) and flakes rye (if you want to lose some corpuscles).

Number 7 Cheap meats – The unique popularity of sausages, soft sausages or hot dogs is not good for our body.The large amount of table salt, preservatives, artificial colors and preservatives contained in these products should be disqualified from our diet.In sausages where there is more water than meat makes sausages a product that is at the top of food processing. NTo a much better solution is to buy meats and meat produced in a traditional way and dry meats.

Number 8 Ready meals – Even’healthy’ ready meals are stuffed with a lot of salt, which retains water in the body, improves the taste, sugar and other hidden ‘bad’ ingredients.Preparing the dish yourself from the beginning to the end will give us satisfaction that the dish was done in the right way. NReal replacement of ready-made dishes is best a piece of turkey breast or chicken, which we cook, with fresh or frozen vegetables, which fry in a pan.A healthy alternative!

Number 9 Sweetened milk creams and cottage cheese – This category also includes rice on milk and what is also surprising milk ice cream or all other types of concentrated, sweetened milk.They are very rich in calories, unfortunately not providing too much valuable nutrients. NThe above mentioned products recommend to convert to sugar-free sorbets, natural yoghurt, fruit cocktails made of fresh milk.

Number 10 Chewing gums – Traditional chewing gums are mostly sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.Systematic chewing gum can have a positive effect on the teeth, but causes a false alarm in the gastrointestinal tract that increases the production of stomach acids expecting food.Unfortunately, waiting is futile.


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