Where can you climb? 

A good place to start an adventure with climbing in the rocks is the Krakow. Upland offering a large selection of roads of varying difficulty. Rustic rock formations are characterized by the occurrence of vertical, solid, limestone monadnocks. We climb mainly through small holes, trying to maintain the balance of the body. 

Another interesting suggestion for the first rocky outings are the Sokole Mountains. The band located in Lower Silesia near the village of Trzcinsko. The rocks of the Sokolics are granites that resemble rocks in the Tatras with their formations. 

If we can not wait for the summer, consider a trip to the popular climbing regions in the south of Europe. Large and definitely recommended places include Arco, Sperlonga or Ferentillo in Italy, El Chorro, Rodellar, Siurana or Sella in Spain, Kalymnos in Greece and Osp in Slovenia. 


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What equipment does it need to climb in the rocks? 

To climb in the rocks it is necessary to have personal climbing equipment. Each climbing person must have a harness tailored to their own dimensions, climbing shoes and a magnet bag. It is also worth having a climbing helmet that protects you against accidentally hitting your head against rocks or falling rock shards. The above personal equipment costs PLN 300. 

In addition, the climbing assembly (usually double) must be equipped with a minimum of 60 meters of dynamic rope, a belay device (Stichta plate to choose from, a cup, reverso, gri-gri) and several coffee machines (minimum 8 pieces). The cost of such a set is about PLN 800 for a team of climbers. 

What injuries lurk for climbers? 

Based on the research carried out among climbers, one can conclude that the vast majority of injuries are handwoven. It is mainly about the damage of flexor tendons of the fingers and the accompanying structures (strings, ligaments etc.). Other places exposed to injuries include the elbow, shoulder and knee joint. The above joints are exposed to overload during climbing. Therefore, do not forget about a careful warm-up before climbing and about choosing the right path to climbers. 


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