Since summer, we have associated summer with freedom, joy of life and crazy ideas. Regardless of whether spontaneous decisions were more or less correct, after years we remember them with a smile and face-baked. Therefore, even if we’ve turned a two-month vacation into a two-week vacation, let’s not take away the natural right to summer experiments. 


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Extremely outdoors 

We can successfully use our summer ingenuity and creativity in the kitchen and wardrobe, while the cumulative energy and enthusiasm during the practice of favorite sports. Thanks to long days and high temperature, we are not limited by the opening hours of sports halls and fitness clubs. Almost everywhere and at any time, we can play volleyball or ride a bike. All you need is a bit of motivation, which we do not lack at this time of year. If, however, this season we want to raise the bar and try something new to feel the greater thrill, just choose one of many summer extreme sports. 

We recommend kitesurfing for fans of water and wind in hair, which is bored with traditional swimming or sailing. For surfing on the board, a kite driven by wind power is used here. This discipline is less predictable than traditional windsurfing, and therefore more exciting – suggests Adam, an instructor. 

There are also ideas for those who spend the summer in the city or are lovers of more traditional activities. This season, the roller skates come back to grace. The more colorful, the better. That is why it is worth looking for your dream couple and having fun with your friends on the streets warmed up by the summer sun. 

Rainbow on the plate 

Green watermelons, yellow melons, red strawberries, and the whole baskets of fresh vegetables, which in the winter months were available only in the form of frozen food or preserves. Our culinary adventures are exciting not only because of the almost unlimited variety of flavors, but also as both aesthetic and sensual experience. The aroma and the appearance of dishes prepared with colorful ingredients, seasoned with hand-cured herbs make the summer in the kitchen unique and inspiring. 

During the summer months, Italians, French or Greeks should become an example for us. The southern cuisine is full of white meat – fish and poultry, fresh novelties and full-cereal products. All this is sprinkled with olive oil and sipped with a little white wine. 

The hot temperatures make our menu much lighter and rich in fiber. Consuming many vegetables and fruits, in addition to the necessary vitamins, will provide our body with adequate hydration. However, incorporating high-fiber products into the daily menu will help us metabolize better and provide a feeling of fullness for a long time – says a dietician. 

To ensure a high amount of fiber in the menu, just use a full-pasta pasta to prepare Italian paste, and for a snack during the day choose valuable high-fiber bars of muesli with dried fruits. In this way, our summer kitchen will be healthy, tasty and colorful. 

Expressive in the closet 

Observing the city streets, we can get the impression that the sudden explosion of colors is a merit not only of the nature that is booming again, but also by the appearance of passers-by. The holiday preference for experiments and fanciful ideas is also manifested in our everyday outfits. 

Bold cuts, unusual combinations and neon colors are the basic determinants of summer fashion. All garments should be expressive, distinctive and unique. Subdued colors and safe clothes, thanks to which we can hide in the crowd, let’s leave the gray-burka part of the year – the stylist suggests. 

In addition, the summer wardrobe should be dominated by lightness and airiness, so choose gentle, flowing materials with a mild texture. If, on the other hand, we are going to one of the summer festivals, let’s plan our stylizations with a bit of madness. The suitcase should not miss the long, flowery dress and translucent white mini. We must also take patterned wellies and a fancy head covering with you. In such clothes, even unfavorable weather conditions will not disturb us. 


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