Buttocks can be the greatest asset of a woman’s body. Unfortunately, they are more likely to cause too much grief, spongy, shapeless or too flat. Because you also need to earn a beautiful bottom with diet, exercise, care and lifestyle. Today, everything you need to see about your four letters and their requirements. 


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Why is it not shapely, firm, full but not too greasy, round and tempting? Because the buttocks as a natural fat store, which is to make the seat comfortable, is unfortunately subject to very significant influences. First of all, the structure of fat cells and water molecules that can take the form of cellulite but also improperly developed muscles, excess fat or neglected skin, which lacks elastin – all this is fatally reflected in our mirror. Losing not only overeating and lack of sports, but also fasting, pregnancy and excess abnormal exercises. 

The whole fatty tissue of the buttocks can have a beautiful, appetizing shape if surrounded by a suitable muscular structure. However, it is not enough to strengthen the muscles of the pupy – you need to know what and how much to train. 

A large buttock muscle is responsible for the round shape of our seat, which is located at the end of the pelvis and runs the most outside. The middle muscle is at the top and its strengthening gives us the famous hourglass shapes. However, the smallest of the three muscles of the butt, located deeper and lower prevents the shapeless sides of the hips and helps to create the boundary between the buttock and thigh. Only the right balance between the strength of these muscles gives the perfect result of a beautiful, rounded ass. 

Get out of the way 

Unfortunately, the worst enemy of our buttocks is the activity to which they were created, ie sitting. Mother nature did not foresee how much human mobility will be limited – long hours spent at work, a car or in a sitting position in general human physiology do not serve. But especially the muscles of the buttocks are becoming lazy and the only way to prevent the degradation of your sexy back is to change your lifestyle to a more walking one. How to do it? 

Walks – this is the perfect form of gymnastics of your ass, regardless of distance, time and place. It is always better to go shopping or go to work than to be transported. 

Stairs – if you live on the fifth floor, you can consider yourself lucky; if on the tenth it is your pupa can jump for joy. The faster and more often you will overcome the ranks (preferably two), the better the bikini effect awaits you. 

Cramps – squeezing the muscles of the buttocks in itself serves as gymnastics, and the good news is that you can do it anytime, anywhere – preferably all day! 

Sports – jogging, swimming and crawling on the back, cross-country skis, aerobics, dance, bike, climbing on the wall, skiing and snowboarding are great ideas for shaping the ass. 


It is also worth spending a beautiful bent for a quarter of a day. Because that’s exactly how the three best butt exercises are 

Squats. So far, man has not invented anything better that would shape the gluteus muscle. What is important is the technique – we stand at the width of the hips – not wider – and bend the legs in the knees to make the thighs parallel to the floor. In no case, however, the knees can not move further forward than the feet! We start from 3 sets of 20 squats and gradually increase up to 50 sit-ups. 

Footprints. In fact, rather small deviations than the pressure – from kneeling on all fours (arms perfectly over the hands, hips over the knees) we lift the straight leg to the level – never higher! ) On both legs, repeat as above for 20 moves in 3 series, gradually increasing one series to 50 repetitions. 

Hip lifts. Exercise pleasant and especially useful for women, because by the way allows you to train Kegel muscles responsible for the condition of our vagina. Lying on the back with bent knees, we lift the hips, until the body creates a straight line. We hold up for a moment and leave. For the difficulty you can cross the arms on the chest. Three series of 30 lifts will be enough. 


Beautiful buttocks are not only well-developed muscles but also neat smooth skin. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the regular care of the pussy 

Peeling – best coarsely because the seat requires adequate friction to eliminate thickened cuticles. 

Brushing – dry, can be unpleasant, but it brings sensational effects in the fight against cellulite. We brush every day before the shower outside the days when we do a scrub – it is better not to combine one with the other, so as not to irritate the skin. 

Cold shower – standalone or after the usual warm session; stimulates circulation and firms the bottom. 

Massages – preferably using special firming olives; the technique should be quite brutal – spanking, pinching, vigorous massaging is required to give your bum an invigorating boost. 


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