Superfoods is a very fresh concept, and even calling them very closely about health and super powers comes in this term.


Food processed into food that has remarkable health properties for humans.For the first time, this statement was used by Aaron Moss.In 1998, he wrote the first article on the topic in a healthy nutrition journal.Nutritionists, and even marketers, advertising people from various companies, both pharmaceutical and food leaders, are already using the term on a very large scale to encourage recipients to eat healthy and one that will provide extraordinary nutritional value for the body, and even healing.

Superfoods are vitamin bombs.On the basis of many years of research and observation, we can distinguish several of the most valuable food ingredients that we can call superfood.Below our top 5. The most important and having in themselves a large amount of health and nutritional delicacies straight from Mother Nature according to our ranking below.


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One of the healthiest varieties of berries.The first argument is the richness of vitamins C, B and E. Also the presence of the chlorogenic acid in this fruit is extremely important because it has an unhealthy importance for diabetics, delays the absorption of glucose.Scientific research has confirmed that aronia is a natural anticancer drug that strengthens the heart, preventing heart attack and congestion.It is a natural conqueror of high pressure and cholesterol.


Known for hundreds of years, and undervalued.Most of us associate this plant only for fat grains, which dissolved in the form of jelly.However, this dense mush or grain used directly for consumption is a treasure hidden in a small form.It works like the best casing for our digestive tract.It is a very good anti-inflammatory drug, it strengthens the intestines.It improves peristalsis, and thus prevents the progression of dangerous diseases, including cancer.It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.It has a strengthening effect on hormones.Men are recommended for prostate problems.It also supports the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the respiratory system.


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This is definitely one of the elements of superfood, which is less known to us.We must make up for these deficiencies because it is a very important ingredient for every organism.Spirulina is produced in marine cultures in America and Asia.Spirulina has more than beta-carotene, iron, spinach and even 300 percent more calcium than milk alone.At the end, the value is already huge and numeric statistics;3 grams of spirulina corresponds to 5 portions of brews and fruit.This is calledsuper alga, which should be consumed as a supplement or as an addition eg to sandwiches as a topping (in powdered form).


On our list, however short, but with very important superfoodami can not be missing.He is a favorite to dishes, an essential ingredient in the kitchen and a drug of our grandmothers, but whether we know everything about him?how does it work on our body?

It is an antibacterial agent for all infections, kills viruses and treats inflammation in all systems of the human body.Garlic can replace us with the entire pharmacy and all the specifics.There is no such vitamin or mineral that it does not contain.Scientific research has also proven that it has properties very similar to aspirin as an anti-cancer agent.It reduces the blood viscosity.


Our top 5 closes the latest novelty.These berries came from far away from Tibet and conquer our markets due to the extremely valuable advantages.In the distant lands of Tibet, the properties of this berry have been discovered.This is the fruit of the Chinese wolfberry plant.Used to strengthen poor resistance, they improve the eyesight.They strengthen the heart and solve the problems of the vascular system. They support people with rheumatic diseases.They have a rejuvenating effect. They effectively relieve menstrual cramps.The research results of scientists undoubtedly prove that this marvel of berry from the East has anticancer effects. Due to the presence of a water-soluble bioactive LBP polysaccharide complex in its composition.

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