There are plenty of supplements to the diet on the market, and each of them is characterized by a different action. Manufacturers provide visible results during their use. Are they right or is it just a marketing game? Is it necessary to take supplements? And what’s more – is it necessary? Do all supplements give a clear feeling of their effect? Below you will find answers to bothering questions.
When writing about supplements, I mean all kinds of supplements to the diet, which are aimed at supplementing the deficiencies and contribute to the improvement of the results that we achieve by strength training. Bodybuilding laymen supplements are associated with something illegal, created only to increase musculature. However, it should be remembered that all types of hair, skin, nail enhancers, complexes of vitamins and minerals, etc. are nothing more than dietary supplements.

What do you need supplements for?

Supplements have been created for one purpose. Their task is to supplement the shortages of individual components that are necessary to change the image of one’s body. Are supplements needed? This question can be answered when we know what a person’s diet looks like. If adequate supply of individual macronutrients is maintained, taking protein or carbohydrate-protein nutrients (gainer) is not necessary. However, it should be remembered that the daily need for certain ingredients can only be obtained with dietary supplements. It is therefore safe to say that all kinds of dietary supplements are very useful, and in many cases even necessary. Supplements help in many areas, and the most important of them are:
– acceleration of regeneration
– increasing energy
– supplementing shortages of individual macronutrients
– supplementing deficiencies of vitamins and minerals
– improving concentration
– anti-catabolic action

Supplements – is it necessary to take them?

As I mentioned earlier, supplements are only an addition to a well-balanced diet and proper training. It is not an obligation to take supplements. What’s more – you can achieve very good results without taking any supplements to the diet, but the path to the destination will definitely be more winding.

There are supplements that can be easily supplemented with a well-developed diet, however, there are ingredients that can be quite a challenge to obtain from food alone. For example – intensive training leads to the release of a large amount of sweat during training, and with it the necessary micronutrients. Supplementing all necessary vitamins and minerals with meals is virtually impossible. This is one of the main reasons for people training in the gym. They buy a lot of nutrients but they forget about the basis – vitamins and minerals. In most cases, the effect of this is stagnation. Creatine is another example. It is virtually impossible to provide enough of this nutritional supplement from food.

In addition, it should be noted that strength training is not the only discipline in which supplementation is important. Sporting supplements is commonplace in all sports. Is it necessary then? Answer this question yourself. You can make progress, but certainly not at the pace of helping you with nutrients and supplements.

Why does not the supplement work for me?

How many people using supplementation – so many opinions on this topic. There are people who see the benefits after each successive can of creatine, as well as people who claim that nothing is working on them. This applies to all supplements to the diet. Know that 90% of people who claim that a given supplement did not contribute to the improvement of results in the least did NOT have a properly balanced diet. Without proper nutrition – the purchase of the best additives that are available on the market will go to waste. Nutrition first and then supplements – never the other way around.

How do you feel supplements?

There are supplements that work during training. The most powerful effects that can be felt after a few minutes from the moment of consumption give pre-workout supplements. This is due to the many components contained in them, min. caffeine, beta – alanine, arginine, etc. Such aids can be used as desired, it is not obligatory to take them before each training (the more that the body gets used to all stimulants).

However, the effects of most supplements can not be seen immediately. To feel their action takes time. An example are amino acids. Everyone knows what are the benefits of taking them, but after eating them you do not feel it.

So how can you determine the effect of protein and carbohydrate-protein nutrients? Very often you can meet with questions, especially among beginners, “what are the effects of protein?”. This question does not make much sense, and you might as well ask “what effects will I eat a 2kg chicken breast fillet?”. All protein and carbohydrate-protein supplements (gainers) are only a supplement to the diet. They will not cause the maximum musculature increase (which can be found on many online auctions). It is true that if you consume a certain amount of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) from food – no nutrients are needed. They were created just to make up shortages in the diet!

Description of the supplement from the packaging.

Description that can be found on the packaging of various types of supplements to the diet is often the product of a company that produces supplements. They try to attract the client in every way, and what follows – they write what the client wants to read. So which add-ons will be the best solution? Do not be inspired by the descriptions on the packaging – better ask the most experienced people from your own gym. Certainly most of them will tell you what will be the best solution.

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