Weight gain resulting from taking more calories than usual or stopping physical exercise is something completely natural. So do not worry, just grab your hand and fix what has been destroyed. But what if there were no changes in the diet or physical movement and the weight is still growing? This means that there is a problem and time to think about what.

Sleep deprivation may contribute to weight gain. It causes hormonal disturbances that lead to an increase in appetite and a lack of satiety after eating.

Weight gain can also be a result of stress. When we live too intensely, our body goes into survival mode. Then the cortisol – a stress hormone starts to be released, which causes, among others, increase in appetite.

Another ally to increase body weight are antidepressants. Unfortunately, this is one of the side effects that may occur while taking them. If you suspect this problem is about you, talk to your psychiatrist about changing the treatment.

Medicines that carry extra kilos are also steroids. Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, unfortunately, lead to weight gain in almost every case. This is because water stops in the body and increases the appetite.

Hypothyroidism is one of the most difficult diseases that result in overweight. Symptoms are fatigue, weakness, drowsiness and a sense of cold. Too little thyroid hormone slows metabolism. Appropriate medications can normalize this situation.

The increase in kilograms is also observed in people with Cushing’s syndrome. The main reason for this is the unnaturally high level of stress hormone.

Increased body weight is also a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome. Everything breaks down because of a hormonal imbalance that results in weight gain. In women affected by this disorder, there is an additional insulin resistance, which can cause additional kilos.

In the case of illness and weight gain, do not panic. Sometimes the necessary consultation can help solve the problem – both to help you recover and lose weight.

We recommend contacting our dieticians if you have any problems with your health that affect your weight. We will definitely help you!

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