Apparently there are people for whom sweets could not exist. We do not know them, however. We know for many, for whom the struggle between the dream of a slim body and the love for sweetness sets almost daily routine. For them, we have just prepared a list of four low-calorie snacks that will satisfy our sweet appetite without harming your diet.

Fruits in the form of fresh or frozen are the perfect sweet snack at any time of the year. Therefore, we encourage you to try our cool and lukewarm gastronomic suggestions)


  1. Fruit skewers

Strawberries, pieces of banana, melon, apples, grapes – a mixture that rarely leaves indifferent, especially in such an intriguing form. Fruity mix will surely buy the heart of each woman, while outside glades with melted dark chocolate and served with vanilla yogurt as a dip, will quickly get rid of the thought of a fat ice cream dessert.


  1. Frozen grapes

This original snack will certainly satisfy your appetite for sweets, and by the way will refresh you on hot days. How is it done? Nothing easier. Just put the bunch of grapes in the freezer and pull it out every time you need a sweet cool. Delicious, healthy and low-calorie, and at the same stylish.


  1. Homemade sorbet

A summer classic in the field of diet desserts, of course, is a sorbet. Good news – you do not need to be called a Grycan to perform it yourself in the privacy of your own kitchen. Mix the fruit, if necessary, lightly sweeten and put in the freezer. So that the mass does not freeze up and get the right consistency, regular mixing is also necessary. And now – a reliable and simple recipe for a delicious, refreshing, fragrant holiday dessert.


  1. Homemade water ice-cream

Water-based ice cream is a taste of childhood and time at the same time. In addition, low-calorie. This already makes them an obligatory item on our list. If you do not have molds for ice cream at home, use a small cup of natural yoghurts to prepare this delicacy yourself. Put a few pieces of fruit into the molds and pour the fruit juice. Before the molds land in the freezer, make sure that there are no air bubbles inside. It is worthwhile to remember about sticks, though, to tell you the truth, homemade ice cream is so delicious that probably no one would even notice their lack.


Each of us sometimes feels like snacking – and it is completely natural! Remember, however, always choose healthy products that can also taste great.

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