In connection with the questions that appear on the forum about swimming and at the same time doing weight and a gym combined with swimming, I decided to answer this question with my friend swimming instructor instructor lecturer. 


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Generally speaking, these things are not connected together, we are not talking about cases of supplementing the gym and martial arts with one hour of swimming pool per week, then the pool will have a very good effect on biological regeneration. 

If, however, we are more focused on the pool and this is our priority then our training should be different. 

The best station (one exercise after another for another muscle party for the uninitiated). The interval between sets should be around the time of the exercise, i.e. something within 30 seconds. 

The number of repetitions is not less than 15-18. According to some 20-30 specialists. 

After one circumference, a longer break in time than in the series in which we perform stretching exercises. 

In this case, gym training should not exceed 50 minutes. 

It should be performed 2-3 times a year from 4 to 8 weeks. 

No more than three times a week. 


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Why not combine the training plan with a swimming pool? 

First, too much muscle growth slows down our speed. 

Too enlarged chest cope with water resistance. 

In addition, the plan for the mass in which the number of series is from 8 

to 12 and the interval between sets of about 2 minutes is not conducive to speed and improving muscle endurance. In addition, there is a problem with the regeneration of the body (I know also autopsy). 

If you already want to combine doing mass and swimming, then you have to set yourself the difficulty of making the mass a consolation is that this mass will certainly be of better quality.

The next problem is regeneration should be best protected against extreme fatigue which can lead to worsening results at the gym and at the pool. 

In this case, you need to get a good dose of sleep 9-10h per day and bet on a solid diet in which we have to provide more carbohydrates than in the buttermilk, I would definitely recommend carbo supplements, a solid vitamin kit and training-ization during the workout. 

It would be good to add amino acids and glutamine + some good leukemia before bedtime. 


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