Tabata gained fame thanks to rumors that 4 minutes of training is enough to get a beautiful body and form. What is this system about and does it really bring fast results?

  1. Tabata – history

Tabata created in 1996 an employee of the National Institute of Sport and Health in Tokyo. Japanese doctor Jazumi Tabata searched for a method that in the shortest possible time would effectively accelerate the metabolism and improve the efficiency of the body. After many trials and tests, which he did with his team, he discovered the perfect system developed for the second.

The tests were carried out for professional athletes. Therefore, the greater was the surprise of Dr. Jazumi Tabata, when a few years later he matched the stars of the silver screen in fame. Invitations to television programs and requests for comments were falling from every corner of the world. The Japanese amateur scientist method was used by professionals and amateurs around the globe. Today, almost every fitness club offers tabata training.


  1. What is tabata about?

After years, the sense of tabata trainings was completely lost. They are treated as ordinary intervals. Meanwhile, they rely on the effort of an unacceptable degree of difficulty. The original training began with a 10-minute warm-up. After that the competitor had to do 8 rounds of exercises after 20 seconds. Between each series he took 10 seconds off. The total time of physical exercise after the warm-up was (together with pauses) 4 minutes.

However, it should be clearly stated that each 20-second round required the player to train at the level of 170 percent of the maximum oxygen limit. Tabata therefore relies on heroic explosions of effort and short breaks. You can not practice in this way much longer than the mentioned 4 minutes. Meanwhile, classes available in the gym usually last about an hour. They do not have much in common with real tabata.


  1. Advantages of tabata

Tabata is worth introducing into your training schedule because it helps you save time. Particularly those who are busy or those who are tired of long-term exercises should think about this method of exercise. Tabata is short, but fat burning is not short. The body gets rid of up to 24 hours after completing this demanding workout.

The Japanese scientist method significantly improves the efficiency of the organism. Research conducted on a group of students showed that during the exercise 5 times a week, after the sixth weekend the competitors were able to do oxygen training (cycling, running) in the state by 14 percent longer. Tabata also has a positive effect on the psyche of the trainer. He urges to overcome his barriers of pain and fatigue.


  1. Disadvantages

The disadvantage of tabata is that it can not be performed by a weak person. The absurd level of physical exertion creates too high a risk of infarction for the patients. It should also be remembered that you can not replace all traditional exercises with a tab. The bodybuilders who care about the balanced development of all muscles should remember that.


  1. Tabata training

Tabata training is a 10-minute warm-up, followed by eight 20-second series separated by 10-second breaks. Within these rounds you can do any exercises. There are no contraindications for the same movement over all 8 rounds. You can alternately train two different exercises or even in each series to try for different ones. In a given round, the player must make the greatest number of repetitions.

The first of the proposed movements is a pump with an application. In the starting position, the body is placed in the support. The competitor descends to the bottom, holding the body in a straight line. Going up, it stands out on your hands so as to be able to clap at chest level before falling on the floor.

The second recommended exercise is the so-called crocodile clips. At the beginning, stand neutral. Then lower your hands to the ground at your feet and lean on them. Later on, successively jumps backwards and back and straighten the figure by jumping upwards while throwing hands above the head.

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