Teatox, or tea detox, is a recently fashionable method that is supposed to help cleanse the body of toxins and slimming.The treatments offered by the producers usually last 14 or 28 days, and for optimal effect they should be combined with the feeding plan.Deciding on teatox, you must be aware that simply drinking teas will not cause loss of body fat.You should also carefully check the composition of teas and avoid those with a senna leaf – a very strong laxative that can negatively affect your health.

The teatox name comes from combining the words tea (tea) and detox.This is another fashionable green method of cleansing the body of toxins from green cocktails and juices.Tea detox uses teas made of various kinds of herbs, and their composition changes slightly depending on the manufacturer.There are tea brands available on the US and UK market, some of them can also be bought in Poland – only in mail order sales and without public company data, which is somewhat puzzling.Most tea manufacturers offer 14- and 28-day detox kits that consist of a drink for the day and for the night.The tea drunk in the morning is supposed to speed up the metabolism, reduce appetite, prevent excessive snacking and provide a morning energy boost.Tea to drink at bedtime, according to the manufacturer, strengthens the nocturnal excretion of toxins from the body, accelerates the purification of cells, facilitates falling asleep and provides optimal sleep.Teatox consists only of ingredients of natural origin, does not contain any preservatives, dyes or sweeteners.The 14-day program is to guarantee total detoxification of the body and engage the body’s metabolism to burn body fat.


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Teatox operation

On the website of one of the producers detoxifying tea, we will read that teatox helps

  • lose weight,
  • burn calories,
  • to speed up the metabolism,
  • cleanse the body of toxins,
  • reduce your appetite,
  • increase the energy level.

Another producer, however, emphasizes that his teatox cleanses, but the mere drinking of teas does not guarantee a slimming effect.However, this does not change the fact that the majority of people using the teatox programs chooses them for the sake of losing weight.This activity is also suggested by advertising campaigns.Slimming and cleansing teas are not new on the market.For many years, you can buy them in pharmacies and ordinary grocery stores.However, they have never been so heavily advertised.Teatox has become extremely popular thanks to Instagram celebrities and stars, who photograph their perfect athletic silhouettes in the company of tea packages.

Ingredients of cleansing teas

Teatrox teas vary in composition depending on the producer, however, most of the same plant ingredients appear in varying proportions.One of the teas available on the Polish market contains

teatox for the day – oolong, mate, guarana, ginger, ginseng, nettle, dandelion, rose petals,

teatox for the night – mint, lemongrass, burdock, melisa, licorice, birch leaves, fennel, hibiscus, oats, blackberry and raspberry leaves.

In its composition we will not find senna leaves – a very strong laxative, which is certainly an advantage.Mixtures for the day usually contain stimulants (eg yerba mate, guarana, ginseng) and warming (eg ginger), and at night – silencing ingredients (eg lemon balm, lemongrass), stimulating the work of the digestive tract (eg mint, burdock, fennel) and diuretic (e.g. hibiscus, birch leaves).The most popular herbs and spices in the teatox mixes

  • dandelion – diuretic;
  • fennel – diuretic and laxative;
  • nettle – diuretic;
  • lotus leaves – irritating digestive tract, strongly laxative;
  • senna leaf – a known laxative, very strong and harmful in long-term use;
  • licorice – diuretic;
  • hawthorn – diuretic;
  • seeds of an orchid (cassia) – laxative;
  • mallow – laxative;
  • American weevil (cascara sagrada) – laxative;
  • bearberry – diuretic;
  • chrysanthemum – inhibits appetite in rats, it is toxic in small doses.

Of course, these herbs have other properties, but when analyzing the composition of purifying teas, one basic conclusion can be drawn – the teas are designed to produce a diuretic and laxative effect, which gives the impression of lightness and delusion of the loss of excessive body weight.


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