Teenagers are rarely interested in the subject of healthy eating, and their favorite food is often fast food.Because of this, many of them have problems maintaining their normal body weight.Slimming a teenager is a topic that raises many doubts for a reason.During the fight with excessive kilos one should keep in mind the high demand for nutrients, because the body of such a young person is constantly developing.


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The most important principles of a healthy diet for a teenager include the emphasis on quality, not the amount of food.Restrictions of food without paying attention to the content of nutrients are the most common cause of health-threatening shortages.From the menu you should eliminate mainly the previously mentioned fast food, as well as sweets and salty snacks.At the same time, it is recommended to increase the amount of fresh and cooked vegetables and fruits.It is a mistake to think that fruits and vegetables can be eaten in the form of jams, yoghurts or juices.Such products, in fact, mainly provide unnecessary calories.The teenager’s diet should also play an important role in rice, cereal and whole-grain pasta and bread.At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the meat consumed. Protein is a nutrient that is essential for the proper development of the body, but greasy and poorly prepared meat is one of the main reasons for gaining weight.In particular, deep frying is not recommended.Meat dishes prepared in this way should be replaced with cooked or baked meat. Teenagers should primarily consume fish, poultry, beef and offal.Thediet can not also lack dairy products, such as cottage cheese, eggs and cheese, for example mozzarella.The last of the important principles of a healthy diet for a teenager is the right amount of fluids.The optimum dose is 1.5-2 liters per day, with mineral water being the best choice, and sweet and fizzy drinks the worst.

Although a healthy diet is very important, in the case of slimming teenagers the emphasis should be placed primarily on physical activity.Nowadays, young people prefer to spend time in front of a computer, while sport is associated mainly with school physical education classes, which are sometimes conducted in such a way that they discourage physical activity.It is important, therefore, to make children aware that sport can be a source of pleasure.A teenager should be able to choose his own discipline, but it is worth making it possible for him to check out in various sports.Not everyone has to like volleyball or football popular in school, but he may be interested in, for example, gym, swimming, cycling or dancing.

For the teenager’s safety it is very important that slimming takes place under the control of parents.In case of any doubts, it is worth consulting a dietitian who is able to develop a menu adapted to the age and individual needs of a person.


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