A series of studies appeared showing the usefulness of individual exercises and their impact on muscles. Everything took place not through surveys, only laboratory research. I think that it is worth knowing about it. 

I will say only that the results of these tests can, of course, be given and criticized and not doubted. However, I am saying that some general view of some of the exercises can be drawn from this. We will definitely find out what is worth applying and what is ultimately overrated. It is really interesting. I will not translate everything, the numbers speak for themselves. If you have any really specific questions, I will only translate the appropriate paragraph. The names of the exercises can be written in googlu or in YT and everything will be explained, in extreme cases I can explain what the exercise consists in. Of course, I am not responsible for this article, so I do not complain. 


Here you can find proteins – CLICK 


mean upper result – measures the average muscle activity throughout the entire exercise (especially during complex exercises it happens that there are moments in which the muscle works harder and a little later). Here we take out the average, that is, both weaker and stronger elements. In other words muscle tension during the whole exercise. 

peak bottom result – this is the peak activity that occurs once during the whole exercise. In other words, one-time whack. 


Front shoulder 

mean squeezing from behind the neck, sitting, soldier in a strength, squeezing on a slant 

peak squeezing from behind the neck sitting, soldiers standing up with dumbbells, squeezing on an oblique 


Middle shoulder 

mean stretching of the pre-facial rubber http://www.criticalbench.com/sounds/band-face-pulls.htm, lifting the dumbbell sideways, squeezing around the neck sitting 

peak stretching the pre-facial gum, lifting the dumbbell sideways, raising the hand sideways while holding the lower lift cable 


mean stretching of the gum from the face, lifting the dumbbell sideways in the torso, Prone Rear Delt Raise (I do not know) 

peak stretching of pre-facial gum, lifting the dumbbell sideways, rowing in the torso 


mean barbell shrugs, raising the hand sideways while holding the lower-lift cable, squeezing a standing soldier 

peak lifting the hand sideways while holding the lower lift cable, barbell shrugs, squeezing around the neck while sitting. 

After some time, the frame and triceps. 

As for me, it’s obvious that classic bench press are good! However, squeezing the head from behind the head distances absolutely everything – you know 

It confirmed what I had thought long ago, riding a clone on a sloping bench really do not need to worry about the front shoulder … 

Surprised little by the way of barbells with the barbell in the back. Recently, this exercise is so popular and meanwhile gives little to where it should. We do not like dumbbells as well, barbells are the basis, however. 

In general, it is worth to follow the barbell (BB) barbells in most exercises. 

It’s great that rowing in the rain is at the forefront of the rear ankton. I have always thought that people with powerful bars paddle the best … 

I still have a chest and triceps … I will post in a while. Apparently the rest of the party is in preparation. 



mean crossing lines (slightly up), pumps with rubber 

squeezing two lines of the lift in front of you 

peak squeezing the dumbbell on an oblique, guillotine, squeezing two lines of the lift in front of you 


mean squeezing dumbbells on an incline, squeezing a barbell on the ground, span 

peak guillotine, squeezing the dumbbell on a regular, sping 


mean dipsy with load, push-ups on lines, guillotine 

peak guillotine, spikes, dips with a load 


mean pulling the rope lift, pulling the lift with the rod, dips with the load 

peak pulling the rope lift, pulling the lift with the rod, removing the rubber 


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