Building lean muscle mass is the basic assumption of the majority of people training in the gyms. If you want to look like “from the cover” – regular training of ALL muscle groups will help you a lot.

The main assumption of bodybuilding is to develop as much muscle mass as possible while maintaining body fat at the lowest possible level and appropriate muscle proportions. For the body to look good it is important to train all muscle groups. So what to avoid and what to pay special attention to?

Skipping leg muscle exercises – a type of “stork”.

A quite big problem occurring at all gyms is skipping leg training, especially by new fans of this sport. This is due to a poorly perceived ideal figure. Every young gym adept dreams about a large chest and powerful arms, regardless of the appearance of the whole body. Practicing three times a week, they explain that skipping leg training is due to the lack of time. However, the truth is that they simply do not want to train these muscle groups. The effect of this will be the constantly increasing musculature of the upper body parts, while the lower part, which differs more and more from the ideal. The figures of people who, despite their large muscles, also have a large amount of adipose tissue look particularly ridiculous. Such a silhouette strongly resembles the body of a stork.

A muscular figure applies to the whole body, not selected muscle groups. However, beyond the ideal figure there is an even better reason that should encourage all people to leg training. It should be remembered that squats are one of the main multi-joint exercises. Consequently – performing this exercise with a heavy load contributes to the body’s production of more hormones such as testosterone or growth hormone. Practicing your legs will gain your whole body!


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First mass, later … mass?

Unfortunately, the silhouettes of many people training in Polish gyms are far from ideal. It can be said that they contradict the basic assumptions of bodybuilding. We are not talking about people who are exercising recreationally or for improving their fitness, only about people who devote all their free time to increasing their musculature. The eternal period of building muscle mass, which is perceived as the basis, causes the continuous deposition of adipose tissue. Failure to comply with the basic dietary principles, which is the norm among many people, causes that accumulated fat stores completely covers the developed musculature. While in a T-shirt this person seems to look good, without a T-shirt is not so colorful. In many cases, it is difficult to distinguish whether a person is exercising at the gym or is simply greasy.

A well-cut person (we do not talk about cases of people taking off, only about the form on a daily basis) weighing 85kg, will look a lot better than 100kg weight with a supply of fat

In addition, people who constantly build muscle mass, in 80% of cases stand still. This means that both their weight and strength have been on the same level for some time. This is due to erroneously perceived bodybuilding. Real bodybuilding is not just a gym, but first of all a kitchen!

After each completed period of building muscle mass, you should apply the appropriate reduction diet, in order to get rid of excess fat tissue. Only after this period you can really tell if you look good.

Tummy as a method to burn fat from the abdomen?

Nothing more wrong! Adipose tissue accumulates all over the body, usually evenly. Many people complain about the large amount of fat around the stomach. This is usually due to the enlarged stomach, which makes the belly look the most fat. Performing hundreds of crunches or other exercises to visualize your abdominal muscles will be done in vain if you do not maintain an adequate reduction diet. To tell the truth, everyone has a “six pack”, but it is hidden under a layer of fat. It is known that regular training of the abdominal muscles (just like the other muscle parts) will help to increase the muscles. However, if you want to have a belly like the cover – no diet will not work.

A disproportionate muscle party compared to the others.

A disproportionate party, ie one that stands out in appearance and strength from others. If you skip training one of the muscle groups – with time it will surely stand out from the rest. A very important element during mass building is regular training of all muscle parties!

The situation is slightly different if you do not skip the exercise of any muscle group, and suddenly one “lags behind”. If you have a big problem with one of the muscle parts (most often it is a cage), you have to put it as a priority during exercise. What does it mean? You must put her in the first place during training. If you do FBW, you can do it as the first muscular part (although it is recommended to do this exercise from the largest to the smallest). If you are practicing SPLIT, make the frame fully rested (on Monday right after the weekend). If, despite this, the muscle batch still stands out from the others, you need to check whether you have basic rules in building muscle mass (proper diet, providing the body with essential vitamins and minerals,sufficient regeneration of a given muscle lot, proper selection of exercises, and above all – exercise technique!).

If it’s about genetic issues – you will not do much in this case. For example – if you have a large space between each chest muscle, even if you do not know how to do some elaborate exercises to finally make your muscles come into contact – you will not succeed. Not everyone can be Mr. Olympia.


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