A person who has just started their training is exposed to the fact that he will finish it soon enough due to lack of proper preparation. The following rules are honey for the hearts of those who are just starting their gym workouts.

  1. Knowledge is the foundation

Training without basic knowledge about exercises, their selection, healthy nutrition and supplementation in advance is doomed to failure. Where in that case can you get the knowledge that will later be translated into your own actions?

First of all, knowledge should be acquired from more experienced people, as well as a personal trainer, whose services are worth using when starting trainings. Similarly, it should be based on industry magazines and proven websites.


  1. The key to success lies in the diet

The diet, according to what is usually given, is up to 70% of success in the gym. Therefore, you need to master its basics. Natural products, as least processed as possible, are recommended. The diet should be based on animal proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy vegetable fats. A deficiency of ingredients such as minerals and vitamins can be provided with dietary supplements. It is important to drink the right amount of fluids.


  1. Training is not just wagging weights

Training should be properly composed for the purpose and time, equipment and physical capabilities of the person wanting to change their figure.

In addition, complete training is not just working with weights. It also consists of a warm-up, introductory series (warm-up), proper training, (possible) aerobic or anaerobic training, and stretching the whole work stretching.


  1. FBW – just right for starters

What is the best training program for a beginner? Opinions are divided, however, FBW (Full Body Workout) is the most effective.

The FBW method consists in exercising in 3-5 series of exercises for the main muscle groups. The training begins with the largest of them and ends with the smallest one, possibly on the abdominal muscles training. Usually 8 to 20 repetitions are performed in series. It depends on the muscle part and the target of the person exercising.


  1. The effects will come with time

It is very important not to set yourself up for quick results. Silhouettes sports are great. Everyone can find their place in the gym, but bodybuilding or fitness is more than just training, diet and dietary supplements.

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