Without any doubt, genetics play an important role in bodybuilding. Although you put a lot of effort into training, you keep your diet, then your friend from a gym with a similar internship may look much better. At this point, an excuse appears in the form of “I have average genetics.” Find out what is the average genetics and how to break it!

Genetics for the chosen ones

Unfortunately, nature does not endow everyone with amazing genetic conditioning. Long, circular, regular muscles, perfect proportions, great silhouette. You do not look like that? Do you think that you do not stand out in the bodybuilding environment? Do not worry about anything, because the majority of people exercising in the gym are just as average as you. People resembling real “body temples” or heroes are few. Each body has the potential to train for it, sometimes it is simply much bigger in some people, eg better muscle contractility, faster fiber structure. Being “average” does not mean any terrible ailment. The key to a perfect figure is self-denial, hard workouts and the right diet. You can not change or interfere with genes, but you can work with them.Below I will describe the most common problems.

“I’ve been practicing conscientiously for a long time, and my body or a specific party is not going to grow”

This is a very common phenomenon in the gym. You say that you exercise regularly, give everything, and you do not see any changes on your body. Unfortunately, I have to make you sad – you are definitely doing something wrong. You probably fell into a state of stagnation through no changes in your own training. The consequence of this is that the muscles get used to doing the same movements on a regular basis for a longer period of time. It can be said that they are already “bored” with the same training. And hence the lack of any changes or effects.

What to do in this case?

First of all, throw away the entire previous training plan or stop doing the current exercises on the refractory muscle part. End with this eternal nostalgia! Second, enter something new. If you have previously relied on standard split training, try now push-pull-legs or FBW training (Full Body Workout). You must find a way to shock your muscles. Do not do some exercises because it’s hard for you and you do not like them? Enough with such nonsense excuses. As a rule, exercises that do not go “as butter” are the best for us, because muscle fibers are not adapted to them. In the future, they can be very effective. Another way to resist parties is to train them more often than others. In this way you will break the barrier of stagnation,and your muscles experience a real shock with this volume of training.

“I’m big, but I miss the bodybuilder’s appearance”

It is true that the majority of people practicing in gyms look good in a T-shirt, sweatshirt, overall outerwear. The problem comes when you have to throw your clothes off. Then it is not always known whether a person is practicing or is simply a genetic, good-looking fat person. If you want your body to look like a bodybuilding monument, you need to take care of all the details. The appearance of a real bodybuilder involves not only the size of the muscles, but also the symmetry of the entire body. Well-developed upper body combined with “stork” legs will be a laughing stock, not a source of pride. The even expansion of ALL muscle parts is essential!

What to do in this case?

There is no magic in bodybuilding. You will not become a professional with incredible proportions of the body overnight. But do not worry! If you want your body to take on a more bodybuilding look, do heavy complex exercises that involve lots of muscle. Doing them will increase the levels of testosterone and growth hormone in your body. Do not forget about isolated exercises, including all muscle parts. Superseries, drop-sets, changing the length of breaks – each change will bring something new and fresh to the training. It will be helpful to see your body in the pictures as well. Find out which of the parties of your body require special attention.

“I am strong, but small in size”

You do not train powerlifting, you are squeezing a three-digit number on the chest, and yet you are smaller than a guy who barely raises 90 kg? Strength training is really satisfying and brings a lot of effects. The small number of repetitions, heavy weight is something to be proud of. Unfortunately, it also has its drawbacks, more accurately it puts pressure on the joints to a very large extent. Family problems, stress at work, in a word, lack of focus in connection with such training can lead to injury. Remember that after 35 years of age it is not so easy to return to training after heavy injuries.

What to do in this case?

It must be remembered that strength training is a very good solution, but it should not be the sole basis for building muscles. The effective increase in muscle mass is based on the whole range of repetitions. In addition to the typically low range, focus also on the range of 8-12 or even 15-20 moves. This will allow for a simultaneous increase in the red and white fibers. If you want to look like the cover, you should postpone the weekly breaking of the maximum strength records aside. This solution may turn out to be a hit. In addition, your joints will rest and your muscles will be stimulated to grow.

“I’m not young, I’m getting too much fat instead of muscle when building mass”

Often this problem applies to senior gym goers. Unfortunately, there is no way to limit the impact of age on our body. The older you are, the easier it is to gain weight, but it is largely fat. Over time, the metabolism is slower and you can not afford too much deviation from your diet. The more weight you gain, the more obese you are. This happens through a gradual decrease in our insulin sensitivity and the rate of digestion of consumed carbohydrates. The older you are, the more you struggle with it.

What to do in this case?

Slimmer people have a much greater sensitivity to insulin, so if you have a problem with overweight the first step is to get a slim figure and keep it. I personally advise people around the age of 35 to gain kilos on the weight at any price. The key to building muscle mass at this age is a small calorific surplus, a clean diet containing a lot of fiber, good fats and complex carbohydrates. It is better to slowly acquire solid muscles than to bother with kilograms of fat. Then just catch the right moment to start the reduction. Believe me, that by following these tips, you will build and achieve the wonderful silhouette you dream of!

“When I use a solid diet I lose as much muscle as fat”

Certainly at the gym or on the internet, you’ve often met people who lost 12 kg in 12 weeks. Their muscles look even more amazing, they are more used and only a little smaller than before. Keeping track of their methods, you can see that they have drastically cut the amount of kcal consumed in the range of -1000, and they put in an hour or more of cardio per day. Then the light turns on and you say, “This is it! I will do it too! ” And here comes the biggest mistake. You can not take a direct example from professionals in this sport. Such people usually have more than 10 years of experience, they know their body well, and for what they look they get money. If you take away too many calories and you will be doing large amounts of cardio straight away, this is synonymous with losing a lot of muscle. Well, okay.. Probably now in your head the question will arise what to do properly, if you do not take the example of the best?

What to do in this case?

Above all, pay more attention to diet and not to cardio. The consequence of such a procedure will be much less muscle loss and more effective results. Remember that doing cardio is just an incentive to lose weight. Everything is based on a diet. If you gradually subtract calories, you may not even have to increase the volume of aerobic exercise, which can be extended at any time. Everything must be done slowly and with the head.

I have a problem with accounting and absorb “tons of calories”

This is probably my favorite sub-point. But let me start with something else. Namely, that you certainly know a person who looks great, and does not really care about the diet. In addition, from time to time he party strongly and in no way affects her appearance. Often these are people around the age of 20. During this period, the metabolism can reach its apogee of the digestion speed of food. In combination with above-average genetics, we get people who seem to break all the rules of bodybuilding. Older people will say that this is all through age and the problem of slowed metabolism. Stop cheating yourself! It is not a metabolism problem with the style of your life. “I eat a ton of calories” – a favorite text heard by me. Often, this “ton” barely reaches 2,000,000 calories a day.In addition, such people skip meals such as breakfast (not a friend, coffee is not breakfast), eat up 2 large meals a day, including the last before bedtime, abundant in unhealthy fats.

What to do in this case?

Start using protein shakes. A handful of nuts, banana or other fruit, oatmeal (as complex carbohydrates), protein supplement and we have a perfect, fast-making meal. Enter the regularity of eating meals and count all calories you have eaten, and putting on weight will be for you!


Above I have shown that being average is in most cases an excuse. It is connected with laziness, lack of knowledge or even lack of willingness! Average = normal. It does not mean that it can not be changed. Maybe it is easier for others, but you can work wonders with hard work. Take a few days to learn the basics to save a few months or even years of ineffective body building. Remember – hard work pays off!

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