Whenever you put on tight jeans, the tops spill over the sides, and under the bra do not get enough aesthetic folds? If the answer to this question is yes, we have something for you! Thanks to our hints you will get rid of the bacon and folds that sleep you with your eyelids! 


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Where are the sides and folds when the legs are slim? 

Your problem is excess body fat in the upper body. Most women struggle with it and affect mainly women who are over 35 years old. Check what are the best exercises for the sides and folds that you can successfully perform in the comfort of your home. 

Do you want to get rid of the sides? This workout will make them disappear once and for all! 

How to get rid of persistent bacon and folds (including those from the back)? 

Fortunately, there are effective exercises that will help you get rid of these imperfections. The set of exercises proposed by us works in two ways. First, they help to burn body fat. Here, however, you have to be patient, because it will take you some time – even 2-3 months (but if you go on a diet, you’ll see the effects much faster). 

Minimum effort, maximum effect. See the best exercises on the stomach! 

After just two weeks you will strengthen the so-called deep muscles. Thanks to this, you will stop slouching and the folds on the stomach and back will automatically decrease. 

The results of the training plan we have proposed are great! The women who tested it after 14 days noticed a significant difference. They lost an average of 5 cm in the waist and under the breasts. In addition, they reduced their weight by about 1.5 kg. 


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