People striving for weight reduction are often surprised when they are advised to eat more protein.It is worth taking a closer look at this nutrient, the role that protein plays in the human body and the relationship between its resource and the effects of the reduction diet.

Protein is primarily a building block. Its molecules are a raw material in the process of tissue synthesis and active biological factors, and therefore some hormones and enzymes.It is considered that in the case of physically active people the need for protein is not more than 1g / 1kg of body weight.The increase in demand is associated with increased physical effort, and thus affects, among others, athletes.In endurance sports it is recommended to take 1.4g / 1 kg body weight, while in the case of strength and endurance sports, 1.8g.

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One of the reasons why a protein is recommended for a reducing diet is to reduce appetite. According to the results of the conducted research, hunger is more strongly felt if not enough proteins are consumed.It is the excessive hunger that causes many people to give up the reduction diet.Providing your body with the right amount of protein allows you to keep the appetite at a lower level, and thus facilitates persevere on the diet.

Another reason for the popularity of protein is its effect on metabolism.Consumption and digestion of food, and the absorption and processing of nutrients contained in it is associated with increased energy consumption. Protein accelerates the metabolism two or even three times more than carbohydrates and fats. Due to the intake of large amounts of protein, fat burning can be accelerated.

The anti-catabolic effect of the protein is also important.Catabolism is the process of destroying muscle cells, the aim of which is to obtain energy, maintain proper body temperature and remove unnecessary harmful substances from the body.Fortunately, there is an effective way to avoid catabolism.If the body is provided with the right amount of protein, it can take less amino acids needed from the muscles, which prevents the destruction of muscle cells.This is important for people who want to get rid of excess body fat without losing muscle mass.

The diet does not always fully cover the body’s need for protein, especially for people who need more of it, for example due to physical activity or slimming. A good solution is therefore protein supplementation. A wide range of protein supplements allows you to choose a preparation tailored to the individual’s needs. Even nutrients with vegetable protein are available, which are the best solution for vegetarians and vegans. An example of such a product can be a Activlab-Soya Pro nutrient in which soy protein is found.

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