It can not be concealed that increasing the loads used in training gives a lot of joy and satisfaction. Thanks to this, we can clearly see the progress, and the hard work put in will certainly pay off during the metamorphosis of our figure. Undoubtedly, heavier weights will have a positive effect on our figure. But are they only needed to obtain an athletic figure?

The influence of weight progression on the composition of the body. What benefits does shape progression bring to us? Regardless of whether our diet is focused on building muscle mass or fat burning – increased loads force our body to make some changes. What? Increasing the applied loads on a diet aimed at increasing body weight is one of the most important stimuli for the development of muscles in both men and women. Remember, however, that women without unauthorized support are not able to achieve a typically male bodybuilding figure, so we are talking here about the delicate expansion of the musculature within the limits of femininity.

What processes occur in the body during weight progression? Our body is in a way adapted to constant adaptation – not only training, but also to those in everyday situations. When increasing the applied loads, the body will try to take some steps towards facilitating work, among others by increasing the cross-section of muscles and the number of cells contained in them. In addition, higher loads force the nervous system to work more intensively, and it is he who is responsible for the contraction strength of our muscles.

Increasing the applied loads on a reduction diet is quite a difficult task, but in some cases it is feasible and bringing very good results. In women, we can observe increased body firmness through stronger skin stress.

In contrast, men can see a marked improvement in muscle density. In both cases, by increasing the applied loads, we also increase the amount of energy spent on training, and this also translates into more efficient fat burning.


Is weight progression the only determinant of progress? When exchanging benefits resulting from increasing the loads applied, one would think that this is a necessary parameter to change the structure of our figure. However, we still have many other options. Changes in the composition of our body can also be caused by reducing the breaks between the series, using of course the same loads and the same number of series and repetitions. Such a trick will also dramatically increase the intensity of our training.

Another way to force changes in our figure without modifying the applied loads will be to perform more repetitions with the same number of series and the same duration of rest breaks.

It is also possible to apply the same loads, the same duration of rest breaks and the number of repetitions and increase the number of runs made gradually. Thanks to this, we will increase the volume of our training, which will give us an incentive to grow while building muscle mass and increase the caloric deficit if we apply this method when reducing body fat.


How to ensure proper weight progression? First of all, choose the right one for your internship and the possibility of training methodology. It is very important to stick to one strategy for a certain period of time, and not to juggle with training methods. An important element in most training strategies is to keep the series from falling unless the strategy provides for such a possibility. It is important to remember about a properly balanced diet and sufficiently long sleep, as these are key factors in most sports in which the nervous system is quite involved.

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