Why is it said that the first 2-3 hours after training should be used to the best? This is called anabolic window, or rather its next stage. It begins as early as during training. This is the time after physical exercise, in which the provision of appropriate nutrients can enhance the effects of training. A post-workout meal is of great importance, but it must be tailored to the type of exercise you are taking, as well as how you eat before or during your workout. Why is the importance of a post-workout meal so big?


When to eat a post-workout meal

A post-workout meal is one of the 2 most important meals during the day, often neglected especially by novice athletes. It is important because it has a strong influence on the growth of protein synthesis and a positive nitrogen balance. If your goal is to build muscle mass, you should not postpone it in time, and the best to eat even when your body after the workout is increased blood flow, and thus nutrients can be transported faster and more efficiently to the muscles.

If you eat carbohydrate supplement, branched chain amino acids BCAA and protein supplement immediately after training, you can eat it after about an hour. There is no need to burden the digestive system earlier, especially if you additionally provided the body with carbohydrates for training.

If you do not provide any supplements right after the workout, you should eat up to 30 minutes after physical exercise.


What to eat after training?

Anabolic processes after intensive physical exercise are significantly intensified. However, it must not be forgotten that catabolism was needed for their occurrence. Shortly after finishing the training, your body is dominated by catabolic processes (especially cortisol effects). A post-workout meal in the form of a combination of carbohydrates and proteins is the best that should be delivered to the body during this time. Why? It is a combination that causes the release of insulin acting anti-catabolic and supplying glucose to the muscles.


Products rich in protein

Protein is the basic building block of muscles. Besides, it is the proteins that determine the positive nitrogen balance and they intensify the protein synthesis. Why carbohydrates? Because they are energy for this building material.

A meal after training also has the task of preparing the muscles for the next activity. Poorly regenerated muscles are obviously reduced opportunities during the next effort.

If after training you provide the body with protein and carbohydrates in the form of a quick-absorbing nutrient, the meal, as you already know, you can put off in about 1 hour. It should be balanced and consist of proteins, carbohydrates, but also a small amount of fats. Do not be afraid of them. A small amount does not reduce the nitrogen balance, nor does it have a negative effect on the rate of glycogen recovery. It has been scientifically confirmed that the degreasing of milk drunk after training worsens the process of muscle regeneration. The proposed set is a chicken fillet, spelled pasta, avocado and vegetables.

What to eat after training directly if you do not supplement with nutrients? In this case, the basis will be fast-absorbed and complex carbohydrates and fast-digestible protein. We offer a set of millet flakes with protein supplement, which you can replace with milk and fruits. For a variety, you can eat a protein omelette with oatmeal and vegetables. Due to the high carbohydrate content, after training you can also bet on bananas in combination with a protein supplement.

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