The most effective slimming diets are those that teach healthy eating habits. The question about an effective diet is common because in Poland, the number of people who are overweight or obese is increasing from year to year. Before we decide what diet to use, it is worth reading and getting to know the possibilities we have. The diet should be adapted to preferences and time possibilities. It should also be remembered to be healthy, balanced and teach healthy eating habits. 


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1. Diet with reduced caloricity 

Among the diets referred to above, the diet should be the first to be found with a controlled amount of calories. It involves reducing the right amount of calories depending on the demand. It determines the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The consumption of animal fats, processed products and sugar is limited. However, the amount of vegetables consumed increases. 

The amount of kilos that can be lost on such a diet depends on the individual needs and on the number of calories that are reduced in daily demand. Weekly weight drops may be up to 1 kg. 

It is a diet that can teach healthy habits. After some time of weight loss, one should verify the calorie content of the diet and make corrections to it, so that it is up-to-date with the new body parameters. Sample, free menus can be found on the internet, you just need to calculate your needs. 

2. Diet 36s 

The diet is divided into seasons. It is developed based on the recommendations of dieticians. It teaches healthy habits and does not eliminate any of the macronutrients. It provides all the nutrients in the right amounts. 

The menu is prepared for three weeks. Includes a description of meals for 21 days of the diet. The products contained in it are easily available in stores. The diet is so and effective, and cheap. The drawback of this diet is to limit calories to 1300 kcal. 

3. Oxy diet 

The recently popular OXY diet is a protein diet that emphasizes the cleansing of the body. Her author combined diet with psychological factors, such as motivation and individual needs. It consists of 4 phases and stabilization. 

Slimming is hard work.

You have to take it seriously to see the effects. Sometimes slimming people use supplements to help lose weight. They often learn about diets on the forum. For some it is not important at what time they will lose weight, but it would be a lasting effect, for others the quick weight loss counts. However, the healthiest solution is a diet combined with a change in eating habits. With this even the fastest diets in the world can not compete. 


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