The myth that results from the erroneous analysis of biomechanics. In everyday life and sporting activity, you will not be able to avoid the movement in which your knee crosses the line of fingers (try to climb stairs or uphill – so that your knee stays behind, good luck). You do it hundreds of times and live. Similarly, hundreds of times you do a full squat and does your knee function properly? Getting out of the knees beyond the finger line does not have to be dangerous, if you strengthen the muscles around the joint. How to do it? Let the knee work in … the forbidden zone. Then you will teach your body better protection of the knee. Staring at your knee and toes during the squats will probably lead you to a much greater injury such as the spine than the theoretically possible knee injury. 


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The only thing you need to remember – is that your knee ALWAYS works according to the arrangement of your toes. All torsional movements are fatal to the knee joint. The wider you stand and firmly point your toes outside in squats (minimum 45 degrees), the healthier for your joints. 

Paradoxically – the more time you spend training so that your knee goes beyond the line of toes, the more you will teach your nervous system to activate soft tissue around the joint, which will contribute to COUNTERING the knee injury in sport.

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