The reduction is directed not only at getting rid of unnecessary fat, but also at enhancing muscle. It turns out that very often it is perceived as a murderous hunger strike or is mistakenly associated with slimming. In this article we will try to dispel some doubts. 


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1. Diet for reduction – important information 

Reducing diet is a specific dietary regimen, aimed at reducing excess fat and getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. This process is long-lasting and is based primarily on the manipulation of our own metabolism and compliance with certain rules. The basis of the reduction diet is to determine your own calorie needs. Thanks to the calculated balance sheet we will be sure that we provide the body with as much energy as it needs at the moment. 

Another thing is the systematic consumption of meals at specific intervals. In the case of an organized nutritional plan, the body will not allow catabolism to develop. This process was often mentioned as harmful – the effect of its action is the breakdown of muscle tissue and increase in the amount of fat. It is assumed that meals should be taken 4-6 times a day every 3-4 hours, in the case of a larger number, the space between them should be shortened. Maintaining regularity with the appropriate total energy demand of the diet will stimulate metabolism. The calorie burning process will last most of the time. 

The reduction process involves the fight against excess body fat and unnecessary kilograms. This means that it is important to determine the size of this extra ballast. For this purpose, you should check with what type of obesity or with what excess weight you have to deal with. Thanks to this, we can easily determine which areas of our body should be treated with special commitment and require additional work to enhance their natural structure. We will save our valuable time thanks to this, and we will be sure that our efforts are not wasted. 

The last but often overlooked element of the fat reduction period is monitoring your own progress. Performing periodic measurements of the level of body fat, recording weight or systematic measurement of circuits will allow you to check exactly how our efforts are going. Thanks to this we will find out whether the changes applied in the diet or training proved to be useful or not. In addition, thanks to real effects, our motivation for further work will increase. It will shorten the time of our efforts to achieve the intended figure. 

2. Reduction diet and slimming 

The reduction diet is mainly based on juggling with calories. After determining the number of calories necessary for us, it is important to cut a part of our daily portion. For example, if the daily dose of calories from food is 2800 kcal, then from this sum we remove about 100-200 kcal. The number of calories limited depends on the effects we want to achieve. If, after eating a meal, we feel a great hunger, it means that the number of calories is too high. Calculating the demand is not difficult – just use the ready calorie calculators (link to the BMR) and define the basic assumptions of the program, and the rest will be dealt with by the application itself. Indicators such as BMI and CPM will prove to be equally helpful. 

It should also be remembered that the reduction does not dictate harsh conditions. Of course, you should know that some foods may make it difficult or prolong this process (high-calorie and processed products). 

On the other hand, there are no contraindications to salty snacks if our caloric demand agrees with the assumptions made. But the question is – is it worth breaking our assumptions and making the whole process difficult? You should know the answer yourself – it is better to look for healthy alternatives for your favorite delicacies and have a peaceful conscience. Therefore, it is worth trying to eliminate completely carbonated and sweet drinks, salty snacks or unhealthy and very fat fast foods from our menu. 

Typical slimming is primarily about changing eating habits. Slimming largely refers to people whose self-awareness about healthy eating is at a really low level. People in the course of a typical weight loss should completely change their current menu and include physical activity in their lives, which is usually missing. Slimming usually refers to people struggling with overweight or obesity. 

In both cases, remember that the diet should not be based on starvation! Hunger increases catabolism, and this in turn leads to many unfavorable processes for our body, such as a decrease in muscle mass. The most important is the use of appropriate products. 

3. Diet for reducing body fat – what should characterize it? 

In the earlier part I presented more or less the main assumptions of the reduction diet. In this part I will try to complete this information somewhat about a few equally important issues. 

Returning to the subject of food products, you should keep in mind the sources of nutrients. The source of carbohydrates should be products primarily with a low glycemic index, such as whole-wheat pasta and bread, brown rice or coarse groats. The protein should be taken from lean meats and fish as well as dairy products, like cottage cheese. Eggs containing proteins and healthy fats will also be helpful in reduction. In the case of fats it is worth remembering that they are mainly monounsaturated compounds. Here it is worth mentioning products such as olive oil, rapeseed oil. The nuts or seeds of some plants – pumpkin or sunflower will be equally helpful. Animal fats should be reduced. Do not forget about vegetables! In addition to having a small number of calories and diversifying the taste of our dishes, they have a number of other properties. For example, large amounts of fiber, numerous micronutrients and a number of essential vitamin compounds. Thanks to them, we can effectively satisfy our hunger, because we do not really have to limit ourselves in their consumption. 

Another aspect is the right training plan. Remember about adjusting physical activity to the aforementioned energy balance, as well as own efficiency. Training should cover the entire body during each session. In addition, performing a large number of repetitions with small weights favors a drop in strength, which leads to a reduction in muscle stimuli. Therefore, despite the reduction of body fat, try not to avoid hard training and do not give up weight without a reason. It is also worth remembering aerobic training, which should be performed 3-4 times a week – the best will be swimming or interval exercises that will effectively involve all muscle parts and improve metabolism. Whether you will do them after the main training or on holidays is really up to you. 

Another thing are supplements. In the case of a reduction period, it is worth remembering to limit carbohydrate-containing nutrients that will not fit into the estimated energy balance. Very often mention is made of thermogenic supplements. Fat burners help reduce body fat and allow you to achieve your goal faster. Nevertheless, they are not mandatory products – they are only an addition to the diet and are used to highlight or highlight the results obtained so far. However, it is worth to buy vitamin stacks, which will complement the properly prepared menu. 

4. A balanced reduction diet – do proportions matter? 

In the event of a reduction, the energy balance is extremely important. Counting calories easily allows you to control the weight and correct delivery of the necessary amount of nutrients. It is also very convenient when planning daily meals for working people, who often have problems with time. What’s more, proportions teach regularity, which in the case of reduction is extremely important. 

Caloric demand is an individual matter, which is why in most cases it is worth consulting your diet plan with people such as a personal trainer or dietitian. Nowadays, access to mobile food calculators is very common, which further facilitates becoming independent. One of them is the BMR calculator, which you can find on our website. 

You can not forget about micronutrients. In addition to the three main nutrients, you should remember about vitamins that are also important in our body. Thanks to them, it is possible for proper functioning of metabolism and other transformations. What’s more, micronutrients determine the appropriate level of resistance and increase endurance, preventing the development of harmful diseases. It is also worth adding that micronutrient deficiencies affect health badly, therefore it is better to prevent their occurrence. 


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