The concept of locavore came from the West. This untranslatable term means a person who consciously chooses natural and locally produced food. In the US and West Europe there are more and more locavores communities, and the name itself has become so popular that in 2007 it became the word of the American year of the Oxford dictionary. Can you also be locavore in Poland?

Poles like eco

Fashion for healthy food has already settled in our country. Poles are more and more eager to reach for products with an eco label. Healthy food markets, organized not only at the city bazaars, but also at the largest trade and exhibition centers, are held by hundreds of people. This is of course a very positive phenomenon, but unfortunately this fashion does not necessarily translate into a real increase in the environmental awareness of Polish consumers.

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Eco does not always mean healthy

An eco sticker alone does not always mean a healthier product – often more expensive. It also happens that the vegetables and fruits purchased at the market are provided by the same producers who supply supermarket chains. It may turn out that appetizing tomatoes, enjoying the eye on the stalls of the picturesque market, came there from a large plantation or stock exchange at the other end of the country. And even foods from certified organic farming must be properly preserved in order to survive transport unscathed.

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The closer, the better

The concept of food kilometers is crucial for understanding the idea of ​​locavore. The fewer kilometers you have to defeat a product before it hits our tables, the better. Food from a local producer guarantees freshness – and nobody needs convincing about the superiority of strawberries straight from the bush over imported from Spain or Egypt. But how can you reach local producers to reduce food kilometers if you live in the center of a big city?

And you can be a locavore!

Not everyone has the time to regularly visit local eco-markets, where food produced for meat is displayed. Paradoxically, one of the flagship achievements of the globalization era, namely the Internet, comes with the help. The network can now be ordered by local producers, with delivery straight to the house. – Think globally, eat locally – smiles, promoting the idea of ​​locavore. – Healthy, and at the same time, what is worth emphasizing, produced within a radius of several dozen kilometers, food is at hand even for busy inhabitants of large city centers. Tomatoes straight from the bush, fresh meats? He shares only a few mouse clicks away from them.


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Portals such as mediate between local producers and consumers, thanks to which everyone can become a locavore. It’s worth a try – fresh products taste even better when you are aware of co-creating this original community while eating.

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