Science recommends physical exercise as beneficial to human health. Experts have also found solutions for those who do not like the gym atmosphere. 


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New research shows that just imagining yourself doing physical exercise can improve muscle strength and even increase muscle mass. This was determined by physiologists from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio. According to American scientists, the work of muscles depends on the impulses from motor neurons, while the activity of neurons depends on the strength of electrical impulses sent by the brain, therefore, just imagining the exercises is enough to increase muscle strength. Scientists from Cleveland conducted a series of experiments on volunteers aged 20-35. These people, instead of straining in the training room, imagined 5 times a week that they were running and lifting weights. Already after one and a half month of non-physical and mental training, there was an increase in muscle strength by 13.5 percent in the tested subjects. 

What is important, after the end of mental gymnastics, the effect of these exercises continued for three months. This method can be recommended to stressed Poles with a clear conscience. It’s enough that every day 85 percent. countrymen will think about the exercises for a quarter of an hour and we will quickly become a healthy and fit nation. 

It turns out that even banal cleaning can replace the gym. This was determined by a team of scientists from Harvard University. According to American scholars, this is due to the fact that the greatest benefits of physical exercise are those convinced that these exercises will improve their health. The effects are compared by experts to those of the so-called placebo effect. 

When given placebo, however, 10 to 12 percent of the results are positive. people, but when people imagine physical exertion, the positive effects feel as much as 80 percent. participants of such simulations!

American scientists conducted experiments with a large group of housewives. Ladies have declared that solid cleaning of 15 rooms a day corresponds to the number of exercises recommended by specialists to people who prefer a healthy lifestyle. The women involved in the experiment, kept in this belief, cleaned five times a week for a whole month. 

Scholars determined that about 80 percent women from this group lost an average of almost a kilogram, and in 10 percent. blood pressure dropped to a positive degree. In general, the amount of adipose tissue also decreased and the body mass index improved. 

More preferably, the proportions between the waist circumference and the size of the hips appeared. In the control group of women who were not told that cleaning was the equivalent of health exercises, no changes were found. 

Other sports activities have a decidedly different effect. The body of a professional athlete is subject to inhuman burdens, which leads to unfavorable and irreversible changes. 

The footballers can serve as a flagship example. The results of research carried out by scientists from the University of Cincinnati prove that professional footballers have smaller brains than people who play the same sport in an amateur way. It turned out that there are fewer gray matter in the brains of the players, which is responsible for the thinking process. According to experts, it is the result of injuries resulting from frequent strokes in the head during playing on the pitch. 

The findings of the Cincinnati experts are a clear warning that you should not exaggerate with physical exertion. For the average citizen will be much safer, when the exercises imagine or daily house the entire apartment. 


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