The specter of the first reduction in your life slowly emerges from you? You do not know when to start getting rid of unnecessary ballast? Relax, you are not alone. Many people have a similar problem. This article comes with salvation. It will help you determine the start time of sessions to burn excess subcutaneous fat. Fat reduction will not seem so bad anymore!

The abdomen grille slowly disappears

The first sign that the percentage of subcutaneous fat is approaching the limit at which one should start thinking about boosting cardio training is the disappearance of the abdominal muscles visible up to now, under the folds of fat. Many bodybuilders during the period of mass releases completely or minimizes the aerobic effort just to this point. It is only the disappearance of the popular radiator that makes them decide to undertake more invasive cardio training. Such a small reduction allows to control the growth of adipose tissue.

Friends notice that you have gained weight

Another important, though not always honest and authoritative indicator, that it’s time to start throwing unnecessary ballast – there are sharp comments from friends who will often remind you that we have gained weight or our stomach has grown.

Nevertheless, such opinions should be taken into account, unless they are only a sign of jealousy and an attempt to undercut the wings. In this case, you should consider the quality of your social contacts, not the start of reduction.

Your BF exceeds 15-20%

If the percentage of subcutaneous fat is in the range of 15-20%, it is worth to include aerobic training in your training plan and modify the diet a bit. It is often enough to change one of the guidelines I have indicated to lower the level of fat in the body.

Reduction is the optimal diet for caloric deficit, adequate strength training and additional cardio training.

You start to feel bad in your body

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If you are lacing shoes or bending over a newspaper that by your own carelessness is on the floor, it is difficult – it is a sign that you have had the first symptoms that it is time to start slimming down. In such cases, the reduction is most desirable!

Problems with bending down due to the big belly are definitely a red alarm. You should modify your diet as soon as possible by cutting calories and take yourself solidly if you do not just want to deepen the situation.

Above 95 cm at the waist begins to increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and also the risk of a later onset of myocardial infarction increases. So let’s measure your belt to assess your form.

Clothes are getting too small!
Red Wasp
Favorite shirt is too tight for the body, you can not attach a button in jeans, every sweatshirt seems too tight – are not these signs of increasing your size? It is unlikely that all of the clothes will suddenly shrink in the wash.

You have to admit it – which is heavy – that you have reached the upper level of massaging, which means that it is high time for a dietary, physical and mental demanding slice.

Good luck! Reducing subcutaneous fat is a difficult period. The right diet and training are extremely important. You can not forget about the right dose of rest. ,
To perform a complete interval training aimed at burning body fat, you do not have to use the equipment available immediately in the gym. For the overworked, having little time for themselves, let alone for training – the perfect solution will be a program providing for training at home! Slimming at home – yes, it’s possible!

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