This is what you should be careful to quickly gain muscle mass. 

Exercise is good until your body adapts to it. Assuming you have used the right load for a sufficient long period of time, all exercises can build muscle mass. Some, however, do better than others. This has much to do with German physiologists focusing on the motor attributes of strength. They created a scale of stimulation of motor units. And so exercises on machines for a fixed number of repetitions will involve less motor units than pulley exercises, and these recruit less units than dumbbells. The more you stick to what we were created as animals (raising rocks, carcass transfer, generally lifting while overcoming gravity), the better you are. This means using free weights at the expense of machines. The great, muscular figure is built by doing squats, push-ups on the handrails, pulling on the rod and dead strings, not by straightening the arm in the torso fall, or crossing the lines on the lift. 

Remember this motto “Seven days training on machines makes one week (weak)! Again, because of the scale of the motor unit recruitment, you are not going to grow as a guy who is slaving away at the chin-up bar. Remember this motto. A seven-day training on machines closes my week (makes me weaker – a word game in English week (week) – weak (weak) – add crowd). And because of the recruitment of motor units, if you train by pulling the rod to the chest you will not grow as fast as someone who is torturing when pulling up. To see how much muscle mass can be worked out by a man, check out the competition.


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In the so-called Golden Age of Bodybuilding, when bodybuilders were known for their names (Arnold, Louie, Sergio), fatigue after the season, and later the reduction was something on the agenda. In addition to the obvious health problems that accompany excessive body fat, weight gain is a really unfavorable approach to achieving your fitness goals. Here are six reasons why it is not worth doing 

Dietary programs aimed at increasing body weight, as a result, will not achieve a greater increase in muscle mass, than those that are based on the adoption of optimal proportions of nutrients. It is simply not possible to force additional muscle growth by overeating. 

Weight increases insulin resistance, which in the long run leads to difficulties in acquiring muscle mass. When you are eating carbohydrates, they are preferentially deposited in adipose tissue, not in muscle tissue. 


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Tying will make it harder for you to become leaner because it is difficult to reverse the effect of insulin resistance. The fatter you are, the harder you will become thinner. Female bodybuilders have learned this quickly, as it is because it is much harder for women’s fair bodies to achieve the low level of adipose tissue required for the competition. 

The more fat you gain, the more your body will produce an enzyme called aromatase. In extreme cases, fatigue can be considered for castration alone, because your testosterone will be processed into a female hormone-estrogen, and you yourself will suffer from many unwanted side effects. If you are a man and you are happy to wear a bra, start it. 

Weight gain will reduce the production efficiency of your thyroid hormone, which is not desirable, given the fact that the previously mentioned production of the hormone is essential for fat loss. The more fat accumulates around the abdominal cavity, the lower the conversion of T4 (thyroxine) to T3 (triiodothyronine) – the metabolically active form of the thyroid gland takes place. 

The less fat you have, the more your body accumulates macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc.). This means that individuals with a low percentage of body fat accumulate more effectively the absorbed ingredients in the muscle (muscle tissue, glycogen), as well as they do not tend to accumulate fat at the previously mentioned site. Simplifying, leaner individuals can eat more without worrying about adipose tissue. 


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