Starting training for reduction is a strictly individual matter, depending on the training goal and, above all, on the practitioner’s opinion. Nevertheless, most people have difficulty determining the ideal time to start reduction. This moment will be possible much more efficiently determined after reading this article.

 Percentage of subcutaneous fat

Training for reduction can be started when the percentage of fat in the body begins to approach or exceed the upper limit of the permissible fat content. In the case of men, this number is 20%. In turn, in women it is slightly higher, which is conditioned by the difference in body structure and its value is equal to 25%.

Exceeding this limit means that it is time to consider changing priorities and focus your efforts on reducing unwanted ballast.

Obviously, a new training plan and a diet containing a calorific deficit will come naturally. The gym is finally a place where muscles are not just built.

Radiator on the stomach is slowly disappearing?

In the case of men, a simple determinant of the start of aerobics or HIIT training is a mirror. Most bodybuilders add extra aerobics to their training plan after strength training, while the abdominal muscles slowly disappear under a tight cover of fat.

This is a very good determinant, because most men have fat on the abdomen at the beginning. This method may be ineffective for women, because depending on the type of body, fat may appear around the hips or thighs.

After finishing the period for muscle mass

Training to reduce body fat is a natural consequence after weight training. During the massaging, wanting not wanting, always together with the muscles due to the caloric surplus will also come to body fat.

Full rejoice of the new muscular figure appears after the reduction, which helps to fully enhance the muscles. Especially thanks to it, it is possible to show the abdominal muscles in full beauty.

A belt circumference larger than the perimeter of the cage? reduce

Men can be guided by one more determinant announcing that training to reduce time begins. Namely, if the circumference of the waist is greater than the circumference of the chest, steps should be taken to help remove the unnecessary ballast in the form of excess body fat.

Losing a few centimeters at the waist will make the figure immediately take on a new expression. Especially the effect will be noticeable if the person has an athletic figure. The thrown belly will make the chest muscles more visible, and thus, the lower body fat content will help to reveal the quintessence of the male athletic body, and thus the muscled belly.

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