Why is one training at home with practically no equipment better than what has a plan put together with forum specialists? 


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Surely everyone, or at least most of us can not just like that, just come from school, college, work at home and start to learn and re-work. Why in the morning, despite the fact that getting to school / work takes us an hour, we say that we need to wake up before we get to a reliable job? 

The same applies to trainings and all kinds of exercises. However, most often about this forgetting. Most people go to the gym to “iron”, but only those who practice with the heart succeed. Why is this happening? 

The answer is simpler than it looks at first glance. In the end, it’s our mind that controls the functions of the whole organism and everything depends on it. Everyone has some teaching practices. One likes to listen to music while studying, and the other in a specific way plays with a pen. These are elaborated, often unconscious activities that help our mind to focus on the task that awaits us. Why not use it in the exercises? 

Meditation is one such technique that can help us achieve this. Appropriate concentration, breath control, focus on the technique of exercises. How many times have we got lost in the counting of repetitions and series, because we have gone somewhere in our minds? Such training will give us tangible results. Only with proper focus we can succeed on which we depend. 



The most important thing is that the back should be straight and the spine should be upright. Traditionally, it is referred to as ‘a pile of gold coins’ or ‘straight as an arrow’. There is a natural curvature in its lower part, so it should not be straightened. It’s just enough to keep your back straight. The head should be slightly inclined downwards and the eyes should be directed forward (…). Sit on a chair or floor with crossed legs. The most important thing is the sense of comfort; the ‘lotus’ position is not necessary at the beginning of meditation exercises. Loosen the body and breath, especially the place where the body is the most tense (…). The tip of the tongue should touch the palate just behind the upper teeth – in this way, the energy circulation around the body will close. Breathe calmly through your mouth and nose 


if anyone is interested in such practices, I can present a few more techniques of visualization, concentration on the breath / object and relaxation of breathing. 

Some say it is nonsense and others have no opinion. 

In the struggle for success reference – whether it is mass or strength or endurance, any technique is allowed. 

With unconcealed pleasure, I will present the meditation techniques that I mentioned. It will also be a quote from a book that you have just mentioned. 

It is a method of loose breathing with whole lungs. In the West it is known as diaphragmatic breathing, causing relaxation. Breathing in the abdomen makes it more effective and frees the body from deep tensions. Take a meditative posture or lie down in a warm and comfortable place. Inhale, release the abdomen, leaving the chest still. During inspiration, the diaphragm decreases, the lungs expand and draw more air. When exhaling, push the air out of the lungs using a diaphragm. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes, concentrate on the air entering and exiting the body – on the stomach slowly rising and falling. You will gradually find that breath, body and mind are calmer. 


Take a meditative posture and follow the exercises below, all the time focusing on the breath 

– breathe in and exhale, realize the movement of the air entering and leaving the body 

– breathe in, make sure you feel light and comfortable. 

– breathe out the tension 

– if there are emotions or thoughts in the mind, do not follow them, do not let them get sucked in – observe yourself as if you were looking at clouds moving in the sky. 

With every inhale and exhalation you will be more and more relaxed. Try to concentrate on the breath, but do not do it too intensively, focus only a part of attention on it, but the mind should remain relaxed, but also alert. 

This exercise is similar to the previous one. Instead of breathing you can concentrate on some object, but it should work on you inspiring. It can be, for example, a flower, a beautiful picture, a religious symbol, a picture or a picture of nature – anything that arouses positive associations in you. As the mind calms down, buying this attention on the object. Make sure your mind calms down and relaxes. Whenever you feel distracted, pay attention to this object again. 

Take the previously described meditative posture, relax the body and silence the mind. Imagine your body as healthy and fit. Inhaling, imagine that you are breathing in the light. It is an exercise to heal, calm and fill with energy. Every time you inhale more and more healing light. Focus on the regions with the greatest tension; if you have any disease or ailment, pay special attention to it. They exhale, imagine that all the tension ailments and problems leave your body in the form of dark smoke. After each exhalation, you will see that more and more of this smoke leaves your body. Continue the exercise for as long as possible until the whole body fills with white light and you feel that you are healed. Here are additional recommendations 

-You must be sure that after the end of the exercise, all problems have disappeared. Do not leave anything for later. 

– try to practice this exercise every day, because only then will you benefit the most from it. 


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