Myth duplicated by people who have never tried a heavy power (eg training such as BILL STARR 5 × 5, HTED, 15-10-5). I know many cases of people who have a classic strength training, in the range of repetitions (2-6), with a large number of series – they successfully built muscle mass, their circuits increased. 

From theory, muscle growth is most dependent on 

– Intramuscular tension 

– TUT (time under voltage); 


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Intra-muscular tension depends to a large extent on the type of muscle work (concentric, eccentric, isometric) and on the applied load. 

The TUT is most influenced by the number of repetitions and the rate of lifting and lowering the weight. Training causes micro-muscle damage – which the body repairs – so there is an increase in muscle tissue. 

A small number of repetitions in strength training can easily be compensated by a large number of series. For this reason, when training for 2-3 repetitions, the number of series is 8-10. In this way, the cumulative TUT can stimulate muscle growth. 


To maximize muscle micro-injuries in weight training, two strategies can be used 

Weight in the range of 85-100% CM may be less effective, the applied load causes great injuries, but you work too short (1-3 repetitions). However, it is easy to increase the cumulative TUT – either a large number of series (eg 10 series x 2-3 repetitions) or one series for 8-10 repetitions done at the end of the training in the range of 1-5 reps. Weight below 70% CM is also ineffective, because it causes too little intramuscular tension (although you can work under load for a very long time). Unfortunately, weights in the 50-70% CM range mainly cause tissue growth through sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (READ MIT FOUR!). 

Based on Christian Thibaudeau, Anthony Roberts Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Body transformation from both sides of the force. 



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The mentioned 3-player Kamil Jarota, who trains only in terms of strength – with a weight of 141 kg, has a thigh of 80 cm, likewise a world champion in the 3-fight Daniel Żubr Grabowski, the same circuit has a 3-year champion, bodybuilder and master of the world 2001 SVEND KARLSEN. Of course, bodybuilding dogma advocates will raise the cry that not the perimeter itself, but the quality of the muscle counts and low fat levels. Consent, but surprisingly, most of the strongmen have large circuits of each muscle party, and some muscle quality may also surprise (recall the definition of Mariusz Pudzianowski and Svend Karlsen – former PRO BB, interestingly also Robert Burneika – he was a strongman for a short period of time and was involved in bench press lying!). 

So, do not fully suggest people who will tell you that you will not grow up in strength. You attack the muscles several times a week with the hardest exercises known to man, if they do not work – then change the discipline, for example, to chess. 

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