Many people who start their adventure with body shaping have too much body fat. In this case, the best solution is to start reducing unnecessary kilograms, that is, taking a reduction diet and training for the sculpture. Below we will focus on the second of these aspects. Discover the training plan for beginners.

Training plan for a beginner sculpture

Training for a beginner sculpture should be adapted to the level of these people. Therefore, the ideal choice in this case is FBW training for sculpture. Thanks to this program, the nervous system will be stimulated to work by performing multi-joint exercises, which is extremely important for the proper functioning of the body. The exercises mentioned above have many advantages, including that they burn a lot of calories and have a good effect on the development of muscle mass. An important remark is that beginners are open to advice and help from personal trainers or colleagues with a longer training experience.


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FBW training for a beginner sculpture – what principles should be followed by a beginner gym adept

  1. The number of training days should range from 2 to 3.
  2. After each workout, one free day should be planned.
  3. Perform mainly multi-joint exercises.
  4. For one muscle batch, do one exercise during one workout.
  5. Train the batches sequentially from the largest to the smallest.
  6. The number of series should range from 3 to 5 (in the initial period, for about 6 weeks, perform 3 series of each exercise – then go to 4 or 5).
  7. Breaks between exercises and series during the reduction period should be about 60 seconds.
  8. The number of repetitions in each series in the reduction period should be 12-20 (start from the range of 12 repetitions, and from week to week increase them in sequence to 15-18-20).
  9. On days free from strength training or immediately after strength training, you can do aerobic training, which will accelerate fat burning (2-3 times a week for 30 minutes).

Remember that FBW training is to give you the same benefits, and not surprise you with numerous injuries! Never do an exercise if you are not sure that you are doing it correctly.

FBW training for sculpture brings effects to people of varying degrees of sophistication. Particularly in beginners, it becomes a very strong and effective stimulus that reduces body fat. Beginners in sculpture must pay special attention to the correctness of the technique. This is the beginning of the adventures with bodybuilding and it is now that good training habits should be vaccinated.

An exemplary training plan for a beginner sculpture

Warning! The training plan FBW for sculpture is intended only for fully healthy people.

Weekly schedule of training

FBW A training – Monday and Friday

Training FBW B – Wednesday

FBW A training

  1. Leg muscles – Squats with a barbell on the back of the neck
  2. Back – Pulling on the bar with a steady grip (if you are not able to do this exercise yourself, use a relieving rubber or ask for help from a person training in the gym)
  3. Chest – Pressing the dumbbell lying on a horizontal bench
  4. Shoulder muscles – Squeezing the bar from behind the back of the neck
  5. Triceps – Straightening the forearms with a dumbbell from behind the head while standing
  6. Biceps – Bending of the forearms with a barbell held by a snatch
  7. Abdominal muscles – Attracting the thighs to the abdomen in the hanging bar

FBW B training

  1. Leg muscles – Chest injuries with a load held by the chest (use a load plate)
  2. Back – Dead strings
  3. Chest – Squeezing the bar on the positive bench
  4. Shoulder muscles – Raise your arms with the barbell in front of you
  5. Triceps – Dipsy (if you are not able to do this exercise yourself, use a relieving rubber or ask for help from a gym trainer)
  6. Biceps – Bending the forearms with a neutral grip “hammer”
  7. Abdominal muscles – Mountain climbing

If you persevere in the given sculpture training for 8 weeks, once a week do the FBW A Training or FBW B Training in the form of a peripheral training. Then change the series to 60-second time stations, and break the intervals between exercises to 40 seconds. This will be a good surprise for your body which will definitely help and diversify the reduction period.


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