This is a training macrocycle, the author of which is WODYN. (I am not the author of this plan but I only present it. 


It is a macrocycle that aims to develop muscle mass and strength. It is recommended for beginners (minimum age of 0.5 years), as well as advanced (the author arranged it with ~ 8 years of experience, I do not remember exactly how much it wrote … 


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– We practice 6 times in todyn. 

– Short training sessions (we will spend an hour each day). 

– Ease of working on priority parts. (We delicately weigh in them weights) 

– Increased “max in one macrocycle by 30-40% in a given exercise. 


– We practice 6 times a week. 

– We have a fixed schedule of parties a week in advance. 

– Basic exercises should not be changed. 

– You can choose after 1 c in addition to a given training session (3 series) 

– Makrocycle is divided into three phases (Mass, mass-power, force) 



1. We check “maxy (for 1 rep) in the following exercises 

– Deadlift 

– Military press / Extrusion on shoulders 

– Bending shoulders with barbells 

– Squeezing lying 

– Squats with barbells on shoulders 

– Squeezing using a narrow grip (the width of the shoulders, the lever is carried by the trunk) 

2. We calculate what% are maxy with exercises in comparison to the max from a deadlift. 

* Example for an average packer 

– MC 150kg (max) 

– Military press 70kg 

– Bending of 60 kg barbell arms 

– Pressing 100 kg 

– 130kg squat 

– Squeezing only 85 kg 

* Calculating the% of the sample packer 

– deadlift150/150 * 100% = 100% 

– Military press 70kg / 150kg * 100% = ~ 47% 

– Shoulder bending 60/150 * 100% = ~ 40% 

– Pressing 100/150 * 100% = = 67% 

– Squats 130/150 * 100% = ~ 87% 

– Squeezing only 85/150 * 100% = ~ 57% 


3. Arrange the training plan with the calculation of weights for 1 week 

DI- Dead lift 10seri x 10powtorzen (1/2 * 150kg = 75kg) 

with a wide handles of 3s x 10p 

DII- Military press 10s x 10p (75kg * 47% = ~ 35kg) 

– Lift the dumbbell sideways 3s x 10p 

DIII- Bending shoulders with barbells 10s x 10p (75kg * 40% = ~ 30kg) 

– Bending wrists with barbells 3s x 10p 

DIV – Extrusion, lying (75kg * ~ 67% = ~ 50kg) 

– Lift the dumbbell sideways in the 3s x 10p precipitation 

DV- Squats 10s x 10p (75kg * 87% = ~ 65kg) 

– Szrugsy 3s x 10p 

DVI. Pressing 10s x 10p (75kg * 57% = ~ 43kg) 

DVII free day

4. To calculate the weight in week two to the Dead weight of the first week, add + 2kg (every second week + 3kg). And in the next exercises, we count as in the example above. 

(For bench pressing, the second week (77kg * 67% = ~ 51kg) 

5. Description of the training 

– We assume 60% of the weight we will train on a given day. 

– Turn on the stopwatch 

– We do 10 repetitions (warm up) 

– We assume 75% of the weight that we will train. 

– After appearing on the stopwatch 4 minutes (for c in the 3-minute trot) we do 10 reps (further warm-up) 

– We put a weight on which we will train. (For MC in the first week of 75kg) 

– After 8 minutes, we make 10 items. 

– Again, we do 10 repetitions after the appearance … 12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40,44min (for c in Trojbojowe 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45, 50,55) 

– After the last round in the 44th minute (for th 55mins in the Tee), “we finished the right part 

– We are getting ready for the supplementary, using breaks between series according to our preferences. 


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Gradually, we add weight every week until we can not finish the workout (we will suffer a fall before the 10th series). When the fall will happen in Uginanie shoulders / military press / bench press then we will give you a weight !! If there are other basic cw, we end the week to the end. After this we make 1 week break. After the break, we take the burdens from the next week, but we reduce the number of retakes to 5 (also in supplementary c). Once again, we will fall down in phase “5 again, we take a break as at” 10, but now we are going down for 3 repetitions. After the fall of “3, we make a week break after which we check maxy. And again we can start the entire macrocycle from scratch at new maxims 

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