The series are combined using the method used in strength training, which won my heart. There is great potential in it. For people who are looking for a new method or method for muscle stagnation, it will be an interesting solution.

  1. Why connect the series?

At the very beginning, let’s say what the combined series are. This is nothing but a training method involving the exercise of two exercises for the same muscle group without breaks between the series (eg squeezing lying with push-ups on handrails). So it’s different than it is in a similar technique based on superseries, in which we do exercises for opposing muscle groups. Let us ask a question now. Why make such a procedure in your training routine. First of all, it is a great way to quickly train when our time is quite limited. Another aspect is a completely new stimulus for the trained muscle groups. In addition, due to the lack of a break between exercises in individual series is a great tool for burning calories.


  1. Who can perform combined series?

Combined series are aimed at advanced people who have already spent a longer period in the gym. In addition, due to the high load of the body after training using the combined series, proper regeneration is required. The second issue is the fact that the intensity of training itself increases and it can be too heavy for a beginner. It is worth noting that this is a technique directed only at people who emphasize shaping the figure. It will not work well for training focused on building strength, and may even have a negative effect on the results obtained.


  1. How to combine the series?

When it comes to the way of combining, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this technique involves combining two exercises for the same muscle group. However, it is worth using exercises that involve other functions of a given party, eg in chest training, connect pumps on handrails with spouts. Another good solution will be the selection of exercises that affect various areas of the trained muscle party, such as short and long biceps (flexing with the barbell and bending the dumbbell when lying on a bench). The most popular areas in which to use combined series are small muscle parts such as biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles, but using them in chest training will not be wrong either.


  1. Series – notes

Due to the enormous effort that our body is subjected to, such techniques should appear in the training plan only once in a while. In addition, to maintain the appropriate technique of exercise, you should reduce the load in relation to the one you are operating by doing them separately. To sum up, the combined series are not a magic spell, thanks to which we can achieve several times better results compared to classic techniques, but they can bring a lot of positive aspects to our training and allow to get rid of the burdensome routine.

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